A Look at the Various Types of Cement Machineries

Cement is very important in construction as it is the binding power in modern structures without which magnificent buildings will not be standing tall today. With good quality cement machineries and equipment, construction companies and builders will get quality construction work done in lesser time, thereby saving an enormous amount of manpower and resources that would have been expended if the machineries were not available.

Construction companies and building contractors can then cut down on their labor costs, save time and increase profits while at the same time giving quality construction services to their clients. With advancement in technologies today, a number of cement machineries and equipment have come up for the use of construction companies for improved construction processes. Some of the basic and most important types of cement machineries widely used in construction processes are:

Concrete Plant/Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is one of the important cement machineries out there for a successful concrete construction project. With the use of a good concrete batching plant, concrete used for construction is produced by proper mixing of all the elements needed for it such as the sand, gravel, water and cement.

Then this finished mixture is transported to the construction site, by the concrete plant itself, ready to be poured for use! The major plus for using the concrete batching plant is that it reduces the human problems of inefficiency and time wasting that occur during the concrete production at construction sites. It, therefore, saves time greatly!

The concrete batching plants can be of two forms: 1. The stationary heavy production units or 2. The famous mobile batching plants which can be used to both produce and transport the concrete mix from site to site.

One can also get a batching plants are also available with respect to their production requirements which varies between 20 cum/hr batching plant, 30 cum/hr concrete plant, 45 cum/hr, 60 cum/hr, 90 cum/hr, and 120 cum/hr being some of the most popular forms of concrete batching plants used by the construction companies today.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixers used on the site during construction are either mechanically or electrically operated devices that do the work of combining cement, sand, gravel, and water to form a fine, smooth and non-lopsided concrete mixture.

These help in delivering concrete in large quantity, and on time to construction jobs where large volumes are needed within a short time such as for floor casting, pillars or decking. Apart from the stated fact that concrete mixers can either be mechanical or electric, they can also be transit mixer, self-loading concrete transit mixers, hand fed types of concrete mixer etc.

Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump, again, is one of the most effective available kinds of cement machineries and equipment, and it is used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping at construction sites. Concrete pumps are for placing concrete faster and more accurately with less human labor than any other method.

By deploying such cement machineries on construction project sites, one does not have to allocate much personnel for placing of concrete at construction site as it will be well-handled by concrete pump. Concrete pumps can either be mounted on big or small trucks, depending on its size and capacity.

All sizes and capacity of this concrete pumps provide flexibility on a job site allowing the constructors to have easy access to areas that are not accessible without a pump. So, for faster concrete placing work at construction sites, concrete pumps are the best cement machineries to be used.

Shotcrete Machine

Shotcrete machines are another type of cement machineries that are used for concrete spraying at construction sites. They are usually employed for wet and dry concrete spraying applications. Because of their small and compact designs, they are useful at locations where space is not so large like lining of water tanks, in mines, swimming pools and backfilling of tunnel construction, to mention but a few.

All these types of cement machineries equipment are very helpful for the concrete making and construction tasks and therefore it is very important that a construction company should possess them in best form for quality applications.

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