A Guide To Selling Your Horse

There comes a time in every horse owners life when they are faced with a difficult situation – one where they have to make the emotional decision to sell their beloved horse, for whatever reason.

It could anything – your horse has become old and is no longer able to give its best performance in a race or perhaps you’ve bred them specially for selling in the market at a young age.

No matter what the reason is, it’s always important to know how to put a price on them, ways in which you can advertise, vetting out buyers, negotiating the sale and finally, getting the best value in market… phew!

That being said, if you’ve been thinking of selling your pony and don’t know where exactly to start, then look no further for you’ve come across the right place. In this article, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you search the right place for your horse, and of course, at the right amount!

Provide honest description

When making a sale what you need to bear in mind is that a buyer would always like to know that he/she is being provided with correct information and be assured that they’re not being duped. A short and sweet description will be favoured by them all. Here’s what you need to mention in that description; something every potential buyer may look for:

  •   Birth details
  •   Type of breed
  •   Their behaviour
  •   Activities they’re able to perform
  •   Prizes they’ve won at shows or sports
  •   Medical records, if any

Prepare a good diet and conduct exercises

As you are busy looking for potential buyers, don’t forget to pay attention to your horse’s health. Make sure that they are getting proper exercise and diet on a daily basis. This will not only keep their performance at optimum level, but also ensure that they aren’t failing in the trial ride taken by the potential buyer. It’s also recommended that you give your horse proper massage in order to relieve them off their stress. If the buyer is an experienced person or brings a professional along with them, then it’s a given that they’ll be checking as to how the horse reacts when pressure is applied on certain points.

Keep them groomed

Nobody comes to the market to buy goods that are not presented well. So, it is best that you pick your horse’s hooves up, give them a good shampoo bath, brush and mane their tail properly, trim their hair using good quality horse clippers and make sure that they’re properly groomed.

Conduct a photoshoot

As we live in an age of technology, most buyers would be interested in looking for pictures and videos online. So what are you waiting for, go hire a good photographer or videographer and show the best of your horse to the potential buyer. Photos shot by a professional photographer would not just attract buyers, but also raise your chances. If you want to show your horse’s special skills, then hire a professional videographer and ask them to make an amazing two to three minutes video, leaving the viewers in awe.

Organise all records

Having provided with a detailed description and some kickass photos/videos of your horse, we’re pretty sure that by now you might’ve received a call or an email from a potential buyer mentioning they are coming to take a look at your horse. Well, now is the time for you to be ready with all the records instead of waiting till the last moment. Records like veterinary visits, registration papers, insurance certificates, bill of sale if you purchased the horse from somebody, etc. should be kept within reach.

Decide the right price

The one thing that makes or breaks a good deal is pricing. You should be fair and square when you are putting your horse on sale. Majorly by looking at factors such as age, colour, height, personality, skills and weight, you should be deciding the right price. If you are still not sure as to what price tag you should be putting on your horse, then you can check for the same traits in the market and set correct price.

Spread the word

Just the way a big company sells its products by advertising, even you must do the same. But be sure that you are advertising it to the right audience. When you are putting your horse on sale, don’t commit the mistake to advertise him/her in a ‘Be beautiful’ magazine no matter how famous it is. Always get in touch with a horse magazine’s office and make sure your advertisement is reaching to those looking forward to purchase a foal. You can share videos of your horse on social media platforms, as that may increase your chances of making a sale. Also look for horse trading groups on social media sites and post your advertisement there.

Keep the contract ready

Once your buyer has taken a good look at your horse, went for a trial ride and had negotiations for the possible sale, sort everything out face to face so as to avoid arguments later on a call or email. Talk out details like payment, horse delivery date, etc. and settle on agreeable terms. Make sure you are ready with a strong iron clad contract explaining all your terms and conditions.

So there we have it – our top tips to help you sell your horse at an amazing price. We hope after going through the above pointers you’ll be able to come up with a good idea as to how you can put your horse on sale.

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