6 Pizzas to Try in An Italian Joint

If one thinks about Italian dishes, the most popular names that come to one’s mind are pizza and pasta. Pizza is something which has become world favorite now and almost each and every country has their own version of pizza and their toppings.

If one checks the Fiorella’s catering menu then there they can also find varieties of pizzas that they are offering. Pizzas are all about their crust and toppings and some iconic toppings are there which one must try:

Neapolitan Style Pizza

This is a burning brick pizza which is mainly topped with some mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. The toppings that are mostly provided in this pizza are green peppers, mushrooms, olives, caramelized onions, roasted chicken, meatballs and anchovies.

Margherita Pizza

This is said to be the mother of all pizzas. It has a thin crust and some fresh mozzarella sauce and fresh tomato sauce are used here as toppings. Sometimes fresh basil leaves are also added there. The toppings are simple, but the pizza crust is baked here in a very hot oven so that it becomes very crispy. The fresh mozzarella that is used has to be thickly sliced and they have to be spread all over the sauce.

Pepperoni Pizza

This is a singular topping pizza and pepperoni is something which is loved by most people (both adults and children). They have a spicy and salty taste and they are overloaded with gooey cheese. The crust is crisp but slightly and the smoldering hot pizza melts in the mouth just like that. The best part of it is that it is a single layered pizza which can be enjoyed by all.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

As the name suggests, apart from the crust the main ingredient that is used here is the BBQ sauce. Apart from that, the other mandatory ingredients for this pizza are chicken, red onions, cilantro and fontina cheese. Most of the times, when one is making it from scratch, they use leftover chicken as the pizza topping. The combination of cheese that is used here are Gouda or cheddar and skim mozzarella ones. Here the red onion slices can add a contrasting texture to the flavor.

Hawaiian Pizza

In this pizza, one can find a combination of cheese, tomato sauce, ham and pineapple. This pizza also has the perfect sweet and savory combination and instead of BBQ sauce, red sauce is used here as the classic pizza topping. There is some fresh pineapple rings layered on the top as well.

Meat Lover’s Pizza

On the single pie one can get here toppings like sausage, pepperoni, meatballs and mushrooms. This one is for those who are super hungry and want pizza as a meal option. They have a thick crust because they have to hold a lot of meat. Also, the meat, sausage and mushrooms have to be cooked separately before they are used as toppings.

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