5 Useful Tips to Boost a WiFi Signal

s we all know that the Internet is very important in today’s world of modern technology. Nobody can even think to move a single step without it. But when we receive buffering and signal breakage in video watching and downloading, we probably get frustrated and involve our self in the brain teaser steps of troubleshooting. Similarly, you would also require a high speed of the Internet to configure the process of Netgear Extender Setup by the means of https://mywifiexte.net

Also, remember that you might receive an error message while accessing www.mywifiext.net. This is just because it is a local web address used to configure the process of new extender setup also fixes issues related to existing router and the extender.

Mywifiext.net error (troubleshoot)

Connect your range extender and the router properly with each other and plug them both into an electric wall socket.

After you connect both the devices with the help of an Ethernet cable, you will see the power light on the range extender starts blinking.

Connect computer/laptop with the range extender and launch a web browser.

Before going with the web browser, try applying these

Clear all the malware, malicious files, along with cache, cookies, and browsing history from your computer.

Shut your system down for two minutes and then restart it again.

If you see that error message again, try using a different web browser instead of the existing one.

Mywifiext login

Make the use of default username and password.

Only change the default details after the process of Netgear extender configuration.

Get the default details of login IP either from manual steps or from our Netgear experts on toll-free number.

Use the following tips to fix the WiFi related issues.

1. Identify the maximum range of your router

Do you know the fact that nearly all commercial/ viable routers have the capability of reaching 30.5m and 45.7m i.e., 100 feet to 150 feet? The packing of your device and its manual quote a definite number. On the other hand, do not forget the latest firmware of the device. For best result of high Internet speed, place your router at the center location of the house.

2. Eliminate all the obstruction that comes in the Router’s path

It is the fact that physical obstruction like furniture, cabinet, doors, walls, metal appliances, electronic gadgets can moisten, reduce, and diminish your router signals. In case you want to get a high range of WiFi signals everywhere in the house, you need to place the router away for the reach of such interference creating devices.

Note: Don’t forget to turn off such disasters. By doing this you can save your devices from interference, heat, overload, and also you can consume loads of electricity.

3. Spot your Router from Optimal Performance

Well, the place/ location of the Internet cable will suppose to speak the common spot of your router. There are a few valuable things that you can do to enhance the range of your existing device.

Locate your router at a higher place (table or cabinet). Do not do the mistake of hiding it.

Keep your device closer to the existing modem.

Grab a smart device (computer/ laptop) and bring it closer to the router. Connect them.

Open a web browser and type the default IP address of your device into field of the address bar.

Note: For Complete installation of your range extender and the router, visit mywifiexte.net. Here, you can also get complete guidance for fixing network/ Internet-related issues.

4. Make sure that you don’t have Signal Interferences

You never know that the metal and electronic appliances/ gadgets you are using daily in your house carry the same frequency as of router. Similarly, your router consists of the same wireless signals (frequency) 2.4GHz as third-party (neighboring) or household wireless items. You never know that the signals of your existing router can dilute by such wireless devices (items) that can interfere between your router and the Internet. You might want to shut down all the following items.



Bluetooth Speakers.

Security Alarms.

Baby Monitors.

Door Openers.

Automatic Garage.

Juicer and Mixer Grinder.

Note: Your router supposed to be placed at that place, where the signals of such devices cannot reach your router and interference between your smart device and the Internet connectivity.

5. Update the Firmware of your Existing Router

If you are making use of the router for more than one or two years, the performance of the device will decrease invariably. In that case, you are supposed to upgrade the router firmware to the latest technology. If possible, buy the new version of router at the much reasonable/ cheaper price.

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