5 Tips for Traveling by Train in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tour in train could be a new experience. You may opt to take up the Rajasthan Tour Package by train or by road. But the train journeys in the state give you the advantages of enjoying the rustic and real Rajasthan.  Moreover you also get to see the various flavors and colors of the vibrant state. Taking the Rajasthan Holiday Package for your family in the next vacation is definitely going to bring that million dollar smile on their faces.

Most cities in the state are connected by rail. You may also like to travel by ‘Palace on Wheels’ or the ‘Maharaja Express’. However, you must take some precautions while you travel in train in the state. You need to be prepared for the train journey; else the fun journey could turn out sour.

5 Tips for travelling by train in Rajasthan

Book your tickets in advance

Consult us for the proper itinerary and book your tickets accordingly. As there are so many trains to be booked in different dates, it is better to complete the work well in advance. We can work this out for you.

Travel light

It is always advisable to travel light especially when you are travelling to multiple places by train. You will visit major places in the state for sightseeing and other activities. Visit to and fro to the railway stations will have many times; lesser luggage will be a good thing here.

Clothing and accessories

A lot depends on the season you choose to spend your time in the state. If you are travelling in the summer months, which you should avoid, then take some cotton clothes that cover you completely. Sun glasses, hats and sunscreen are must. Monsoon attires are synthetics while warm clothes are to be carried in the winter months.

Basic necessities

Carry some small snack items and water with you while you travel. Though the trains have their own pantries, it is still better to carry some snacks when you are travelling with family. And do not forget your medicines. You may also carry some precautionary medicines for general cold and cough, stomach ache, etc.

Spend time looking out of window

Reading a book in the train journeys helps in spending time, but when you are travelling in Rajasthan, you should better look out of the windows to get the view of the villages and rural life in Rajasthan.

The above tips will help you in enjoying your train journey in Rajasthan to the fullest.

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