5 Reasons why sales force automation software is required by business?

Fragmented leads data, increased completion, expanding sales force and longer sales cycle can prove to be a dreadful plight. More frustration is likely to be experienced with reduced productivity, even after putting in more effort. The solution here is to identify the process by which time and energy can be saved and work smartly to get the best results. Adopting Salesforce Automation software is considered to be a wonderful way to accelerate sales and revenue. Its implementation eliminates time consuming, but essential tasks that are related to selling. It actually frees sales professionals from doing those behind the scenes, repetitive and tedious work and focus on their core work.

For all businesses

Sales force automation companies in India can provide solutions for all business types and sizes. It can facilitate enhanced productivity and sales, within a short time span.

  • Reduces sales administrative time consumption by 14%
  • Cuts down sales cycle by about 18%
  • Improves deal closure by around 30%

5 major benefits derived from implementing Sales force automation software

  • Sales forecasting: With this software, it is possible to know current and past sales trends and opportunities present. It offers intelligent and accurate future sales projection. Precise sales forecast can be made by the sales team as it offers clear insight of the forthcoming revenue.
  • Saves precious time: A lot of time is spent by the sales team when scheduling sales appointments, doing follow-up with leads via emails, updating sales opportunities and track contacts. Upon successful implementation of the software, most of the tasks mentioned above get automated, thereby saving time. Generating estimates, quotes, proposals and orders can now be done at greater speed and with high efficiency. Moreover, information can be derived at the fingertips, thus offering better customer service. Customers can now be alerted proactively about exact delivery status of order to save time and increase sales professional value.
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling: Past order history of customers is stored by this software to help analyze prospects. With this software, the sales managers are able to analyze previous sales information, so as to know:
    • Order patter
    • Customer demographics
    • Customer preferences, etc.

It helps them to deal better with present leads and use metrics for generating accurate campaigns to create prospects.

  • Leads management: This software also facilitates auto lead conversions. Leads are generally extracted by SFA programs from outbound calls, site visits and marketing campaigns. Sales reps are then notified about new lead arrivals. All leads can now be viewed quickly on daily basis by sales reps and a time scheduled for contact. Immediate prospect contact will only mean increase prospect engagement opportunities, which can convert into sale.
  • Sales team management: The sales managers most of the time gets tied up analyzing sales-call sheets weekly or daily. Implementing the software prevents such time consuming activities and equips them with 360 degree view of metrics necessary to measure sales revenue. This way, sales reps’ territories can be created easily and risk of excess or less coverage at any particular area is quite minimal.

Therefore, checking out the above benefits can help the entrepreneur to seek services of the best sales force automation companies in the domain.

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