5 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Women In 2019

Do you accept yourself to be an expert packer? At least I am not, though getting better in each tour. Traveling almost two, three tours each year still forgetting something or the other. It’s a common issue for women like us who tend to need a few more than those of men. Whether you are traveling in a car, or by flight or even train there are few gadgets which make your travel easier. We women mainly are so fond of shopping that we usually end up with an added luggage. Some goods provide you with personal comfort while few provide you with efficient packing escaping the extra baggage fees. Most of these accessories are compact and get easily inside your luggage without adding any extra weight as such. So all the ladies out there, providing you with some must-have travel accessories, add them in your list before planning for the next adventure in 2019:

Microfiber Towel:

Whether you are going for one-night camping or going for a long weekend trip, always keep a quick-dry microfiber traveling towel. They sometimes can be extra handy and ultra-convenient. They can serve you as an on-spot yoga mat, drying yourself off after a shower, swiping your sweat during hiking or even serve as a traveling pillow. They are mainly made of nylon and polyester which make them dry faster, rather 10 times faster than normal regular towels. It helps in folding in such a compact way that it makes the storage easier.You can easily get this product online at doorstep using Ajio Offers with great deals.

Packing Cubes:

Packing cubes are a must buy travel accessories and that too for a good reason. It keeps you organized while you are on a tour. They come in various colors and sizes making you’re packing a breeze. Choose from the slim packing cubes, but there isa combination of both the medium and the large.They are usually made of nylon fabric and have strong grab handles with high-quality zippers. There are also varieties having mesh tops for ventilation allowing you to peep from outside. Even you are not a regular traveler, they provide you as a day-to-day organizer. So there is no need to reap apart your overloaded suitcase, thanks to these packing cubes.

Traveling scarfs:

Imagine you are at the airport wearing your comfy leggings and t-shirt, carrying the bag on one hand and luggage on the other shoulder. At the airport you will be asked for a passportmany times, you often start struggling with your bags, ends up juggling with all you got.

Keep your side belonging safe and at the same time stay in the fashion trend, a bit ahead with these travel scarfs instead of a purse. They have large zipper pockets fitting your iphone, passport, boarding pass, cash, and keys. They help in keeping your hands free, helping you with more shopping! They come in a variety, so buy these traveling scarfs that match with your outfit.

Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

As women are a bit picky when it comes to their hairbrush, some are also pretty picky about their shampoo conditioner and face wash. Due to sizerestrictions,it’s not possible for us to take the whole bottle resulting us to be a victim of leaky liquid bottles. But trust me it is such an awful sight to find your toiletry soaked in face wash on the very first night of your travel. Then why stuck using the hotel-brand products if you can easily carry them in these travel bottles. With these leak-proofbottles, you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting soaked in those toiletries products.

Diva Cups

Hygiene is an essential thing to consider mainly when you are traveling. While most of the women avoid this providing priority to their dress and makeup products. There are even times when the environment is strong enough to push you. Suppose you are on a beach vacation at Pattaya, and you got an unexpected period. Obviously, you will approach to a pharmacy asking for tampons! But nobody sells it! Then what are you left with? The kitten pads which promise to ruin your beach day. Don’t let that happen to you, keep these diva caps handy at least in case of emergencies.You can get this product online using Paytm Coupons with great discounts.

I can’t assure you that all the above-mentioned accessories would solve your packing problems, buy would not disappoint you either. These mini accessories are a perfect addition to your travel and are useful, convenient to carry, light weighted and last but not the least they are mini.

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