5 Hidden Benefits of Airline Loyalty Reward Programmes

You may have heard about an airline loyalty program and dismissed it as something just for globetrotting businessmen. Wrong, frequent flier programmes have come a long way and today offer a wide variety of benefits to everyone. Check out the top unknown perks of belonging to an airline loyalty program.

Ask any tech-savvy Indian or even people belonging to the older generation, what their life goal is – you’re pretty sure to find several of them stating, “Travel” in their answers. While many people dream of travel, not many are able to afford it.

This is because they are not aware of the incredible benefits of airline loyalty programs in India. Yes, enrolling in an airline’s frequent flyer membership is the best way to make your travel dreams come true, without having to empty your bank accounts.

Here, you can find a list of the benefits of airline loyalty programmes that you may not be aware of.

  1. It Helps You Fly More

Starting with the obvious, a loyalty program lets you accrue miles which can then be spent later on redemption on award flights. If you are among the frequents flyers who have accumulated a particular number of points, you can use it to pay for your future flight tickets, in place of cash.

Make use of your airline’s mileage calculator to figure out how many miles are required for redemption on a particular route.

  1. You can Earn/Redeem Loyalty Points, at other places, that don’t involve Flying

This is one point that not many loyalty programme members are aware of. They assume that these programmes provide the max value only for frequent business travellers who spend most of their time on air.

Indeed, loyalty programmes offer excellent benefits, even for regular travellers, who fly just once or twice a year. By using a co-branded airline credit/debit card, or shopping, dining at any one of the programme partners, you can earn and build your air mile stash.

Similarly, you can use your airline miles to pay for your purchases at online shopping partners and restaurants, car rentals that are part of the programme.

  1. You can use your Miles on other Airlines Too

Yes, you read that right. You can transfer and convert your airline miles for redemption on other partner carriers also. Say, you have 50,000 JP Miles in your Jet Privilege account. You can use these miles to book your upcoming journey on Air Canada since both airlines have a code-sharing partnership.

  1. You enjoy an array of Travel Perks

Airline loyalty programs are not just about accruing and redeeming miles for flight tickets. In fact, just being a member of a loyalty programme comes with several benefits. From enjoying priority check-in, extra baggage capacity, complimentary access to international and domestic lounges, to chauffeur service to/from the airport, the perks of loyalty programmes are many.

However, remember that not all these perks are available to all members. It all depends on your airline membership status and the particular loyalty programme you choose. So, make sure to read the benefits of the plan and pick the right one that meets your specific travel requirements.

  1. Not just you, but your Family members can help you Earn Miles Too

If you have several members of your family, who are all part of the loyalty programme, you can earn miles on individual accounts and then pool it together while redeeming them for award flights. Transferring and exchanging airline miles between one member to another is easy and is quite straightforward.

What more, several loyalty rewards provide lounge access not just to the member but his/her family too.

And, finally the biggest benefit – signing up for an airline loyalty programme is free. Yes, most airlines don’t charge you to become a member, and you can even earn miles on past flights that you have taken within the last six months. Make your travel dreams come true by using the benefits listed here.

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