Why Google Apps are the Right Choice for Your Business

When you’re looking to move your business to the cloud, it’s important to investigate all of the service options.  Chances are, Google Apps is one of the first ones you’ll look into, and here’s why Google’s cloud computing service is the right choice for your business.

More Tools, Less Cost, Less Hassle

With features like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sites, Google Apps offers your business the most tools for the lowest cost and least amount of hassle.  And unlike other cloud service providers, like Office 365, whose services function best in conjunction with products installed locally on the desktop, Google Apps is hosted entirely in the web browser.  This means that your employees’ can access their Google Apps accounts, and all the information they store on it, on any device from any location – which means the office can be anywhere they are.

Gmail for Google Apps Users

Gmail, Google’s email system that many people already use in their personal life, is also the email system for Google Apps users.  With Gmail’s 25GB of storage, which is 50 times the industry average, your employees can stop worrying about email quotas.  Gmail makes email simple and organized with threaded emails, which group emails with the same subject together, Google-powered search, to effortlessly find past discussions, and IM and video chat directly in the server.

Google Docs

Users can stop worrying about forgetting to add attachments to emails or how to send files that are too large to attach thanks to the sharing capabilities of Google Docs.  Google Docs allows users to create files such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets and make these files as public or private as desired.  Shared files enable multiple users to simultaneously edit the same file from any location, leave comments for others, and track revision history to view what changes were made and when.  The Google Docs tool takes collaboration within your business and with clients to an entirely new level.

Google Sites

Google Sites is also a key function of Google Apps that enhances your business’ communication and collaboration capabilities.  With Google Sites, users can create intranets or websites for a specific group of people.  These sites provide users with a central location to store relevant information, as they can use the site to share files, calendars, tasks, deadlines, and much more.

Google Apps for Business are Cost Effective

In addition to improving your business’ communication and collaboration, Google Apps for Business saves you money. Because Google Apps is hosted 100% by Google and runs without any additional hardware or software, your business will cut down significantly on IT costs. The Google Apps for Business platform runs at $50/user/year, putting the service ahead of competitive cloud service providers. If you compare this to a Microsoft offering like Power BI, which is admittedly excellent, you can see the real value of this.

Google also understands that time is important to businesses of all sizes, so with Google Apps’ 99.9% uptime guarantee, you never have to worry about losing time to system crashes again.  You can also stop worrying about the security of your business’ valuable information, as Google Apps for Business is verified in a third-party SAS70 Type II audit, which protects the privacy of all information stored on Google Apps.The cost-efficient and easy-to-use services of Google Apps for Business are sure to improve your business’ daily functions, making this service the best choice for your company.

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