Why do you need e logs for truckers?

What is E-Log and E-logs for truckers?

E-log is the abbreviation of Electronic Log. The new devices are called ELDs which stands for Electronic Logging Devices.

E Logs for truckers also called e logs for truckers or electronic logs or electronic logbooks. The job of both ELDs and E-logs are same. Both record the miles driven by the driver. However the newer version of E-logs introduced as ELD is more reliable; data manipulation is difficult and provides easy installation.

Reasons of choosing ELDs over E-Logs

  • Easy transition – Integration of the new technology must be implemented as early as possible o that it would be easy to adapt to the new environment. Carriers who have switched on to the e logs for truckers earlier will be able to adjust with the new technology much better and easier way compared to those who have just started to adapt the mandate. Dispatchers and other company officials have to learn how to use those devices and in turn must teach the drivers too.
  • Easy to use – For learning any new things and get adapted to it is a bit difficult but as soon as you get to know, you will find it easy. Same concept goes with this as well. Once the truckers get used to with the new device, they will find the amount of comfort and convenience provided by these e-logs. You have to spend a few hours learning about the device. Once done, you will get to know how smooth it has become to keep record of logging hours of service and mileage. Maintenance reminder is also given by the e-logs.
  • Convenient – Just one click on the button and you will able to monitor all data relating to the fleet. There are many apps which allow you to filter a specific data from the entire fleet information.
  • Speed InspectionsE logs for truckers also provide information regarding the speed at which the vehicle was driven by the driver.
  • Fleet protection – ELD installed conveniently in the vehicles will prevent the drivers from violating rules like HOS. They will complete their fleet safely with fewer accidents which means reduced insurance premium.
  • Reduces liabilities – With the help of ELD mandate installed, it will be easy to find out for eg. any accident caused not because of the driver’s fault, from the logging hours
  • Cost effective – E logs for truckers using ELD device will increase the productivity and profit by reducing the time required to enter the log hours or miles.

Want complete visibility of your fleet – install Keeptruckin app

Keeptruckin app is a real time GPS tracking which reduces accidents and related costs and provides safety for drivers. It keeps track of the drivers HOS, vehicle data and other fleet related data. It is integrated on IoT platform powered by Vehicle Gateway that can be modified on demand when you need additional features. It is fully compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations. It is one of the highest rated Electronic Logbook App and ELD systems, used by over 500,000 drivers and 40,000 companies.

Implementing E-logsfor truckers in your trucking company will be advantageous for your company and you will be ahead of competition.

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