What will you learn in BBA degree in Distance Learning?

Business Administration is for you if you are interested in management and in the (turbulent and dynamic) environment of companies and organizations. Do you want to help organizations improve their internal social processes? Do you want to learn to analyze complex situations and come up with practical solutions?

Bachelor of Business Administration: something for you?

  • You will immerse yourself in the environment of the company and learn to respond to changes, with courses on, for example, Strategy and Marketing.
  • You develop academic and practical skills. You conduct scientific research but also use simulations that show how decision-making processes work in companies.
  • You want to get your teeth into practical cases by means of a project.
  • You have the option to do an internship at home or abroad (without study delay).

You will learn this

Within the study program of the Business Administration program, you will immerse yourself in the problems of organizations, their mutual cohesion and possible solutions. You analyze and assess companies and enterprises. You study the influence of technical developments and social circumstances and come up with solutions that organizations can implement. You learn to intervene in (organizational) processes and to improve them. You will gain a broad knowledge of business economic processes and you will acquire excellent academic and professional skills.

Distance Learning from Remote location

Distance learning, ie the realization of teaching without joint physical presence of the participants, allows this group of students to complete the tasks according to their intellectual, emotional and physical biorhythm, ie at the moment when they are comfortable and not at the moment when required by them.  

There are frequent situations when students who manifest a problem in two-way communication know how to positively “surprise” their parents, teachers and peers. These are the “good” days and are associated with the positive phases, from biorhythm cycles whether physical, emotional or intellectual. These are situations where the student can do his best on all fronts, start different projects and be successful in their final realization.

The need for travel is reduced with Distance Learning

Traveling is a really big challenge for students who, in addition to communication problems, also have motor difficulties. These students need a longer time to get to the classroom, they face physical barriers and the list of barriers they face when they need to visit certain places and institutions related to the educational process is long. Also, most of the students in their homes have the opportunity to use specific instruments of assistive technology that are not available in schools and they need to be able to complete the tasks.  

In Lovely Professional University distance BBA, digitization of teaching content gives students more opportunities. The student according to his individual abilities, way of learning, and habits has the opportunity to choose whether he will listen, see and solve the prepared material several times, whether he will try to put into practice the acquired knowledge and will ask for additional materials for comparison, or the given will simply solve tasks through trial and error. When solving the tasks, the student can use the font, color and size of the letters and numbers that correspond to the visual perception. The habit of using the technology available in the students’ dormitories can additionally be used as a condition / motive for performing the tasks.

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