What To Expect When Getting Laser Hair Removal

For girls, one of the most struggling things is to get their legs and hands hair removed each time they go out. Waxing, threading, and shaving are the most traditional ways of hair removal. But, these ways of plucking out the hair are not feasible for the long term. Laser hair removal is considered one of the best ways of hair removal for the long term. These days, laser tattoo removaland laser hair removal are in trends because of its permanent solution of hair waxing.

But, one question that strikes to every girl is- how much you need to pay for it? It might cost you extra as compared to one spa session for hair waxing.

No doubt, this hair removal process is great but there are certain expectations that must be fulfilled. So, before you go to a dermatologist, you need to make sure about these below-mentioned points:

Are you visiting an expert for laser hair removal?

The laser needs to be operated carefully as it is highly a powerful device. If not done properly, this can cause scars or burning irritation on the skin. So, before you think you’re ready for your laser hair removal process, check whether the technician is well trained & expert.

Do you wish to keep your tattoo or want to erase it?

Through this process, you can also get laser tattoo removal.This can be done partially or fully with this laser procedure. So, during the hair removal treatment, you’ve to consult with the experts about your tattoo.

Is laser hair removal suitable for your skin type?

Many dermatologists suggest that for dark or dusky skinned, this laser hair removal process won’t be much effective. You’ve to ask this to your technician before booking your appointment. Dark skin type doesn’t respond much to this laser technique. But, there are new types of laser available that are devised to remove hair from dusky skin type.

Is sun exposure good for your skin?

There are times when girls think about this sun exposure issue. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure before and after the laser hair removal treatment. If you’ve undergone laser procedure then avoid roaming in the sun for a minimum of 3 weeks. Also, use sunscreen or SPF based cream in order to avoid tanning on your skin.

Can I go for threading or waxing between the hair removal appointments?

This is one of the questions that arise to the mind of many girls. But, there’s no need for waxing or threading in between the laser hair removal appointments. During the laser procedure, there’s a need for roots to hit on the target. So, it’s better to go for shaving in between the appointments.

Waxing and threading have never been a good idea especially when you’re running of time. Thus, you need a permanent solution for this so that you can enjoy a hair free life for at least 6 months. Thus, the laser hair removal process is a great option for hair free days for girls. 

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