Want To Be A Permanent Resident Of Singapore? Read The Singapore Pr Requirements

Becoming a permanent resident in a different nation as a foreigner has guidelines to follow. The guidelines include eligibility criteria, the procedure to be followed, and providing necessary documents. Other information is about the fees, approval fees, time for approval, and the advantages of possessing pr. If approved by the ICA, getting a license to become a resident will be simple and manageable. To get a clear idea about becoming a permanent resident, below mentioned paragraphs help you to keep your further steps. So here are the singapore pr requirements.

PR eligibility criteria:

It principally focuses on the individual contribution to the Singaporean society. The more the individual contributes to society in terms of economic upliftment greater the chance to become a permanent resident. Based on the below-mentioned criteria, you can apply for a pr:

  • Either a spouse of a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident.
  • Aged parent of Singapore citizens
  • students that are studying in Singapore
  • Foreigners are investing in Singapore’s development.
  • Should have an S pass.
  • There are some schemes available for pr residents: PTS, GIP, and For Arts schemes.

Procedures to practice:

  • Valid sing pass account for submitting the pr application:-  SC for your aged parent, S pass holder.
  • Students studying in Singapore:- Can access to E-pass using foreign identification number ( FIN)
  • Foreign investors:- Through global Investor Programme.

E-service is the portal to submit all the applications.

Payment mode and fees:

Payment via VISA or MasterCard credit or debit, American Express credit card, or direct Internet debit.

Non-refundable Singaporean $100 is paid while submitting the pr.

These are the singapore pr requirements that are very mandatory.

Time for approving the application:

It can extend from 4 to 6 months to approve the documents submitted. Some can take an even longer time. To know about the application status check through the e-service portal.

After successful approval:

The applicant should pay certain fees through NETS OR CashCards.

Advantages of singapore PR:

  • Blue cards are issued as an identity document, travel around the world; there are no requirements of visa needed.
  • Can apply pr for spouse and children of their own.
  • Visas for their parents can be applied.
  • CPF scheme is allowed to the individual.
  •  Borrow various loans for personal needs.

This content would have provided the primary essentials to become a pr of Singapore. Document filing is essential before entering into the site for filling the application. Follow the guidelines as mentioned above for the successful approval of your application.

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