Undertake Most Economical Kidney Transplantation in India

Dialysis cannot resolve all the cases of kidney failure. To get rid of end-stage renal diseases, one needs to undergo kidney transplantation. When both the kidneys in your body fail to perform the required function, kidney transplantation is vital for survival. There can be various reasons for kidney failure, and it can affect anyone irrespective of gender and age.

But the best part of kidney transplant is it is utterlyvictorious, and once you undergo kidney transplantation, you can get back to normality. You do not require to undertake dialysis process again and again.

In spite of so many advantages, there are over 735,000 deaths every year because of chronic kidney diseases. The reason is the cost of kidney transplantation is very high in different countries of the world, and hence they cannot afford it.

Talking in particular about India, the success ratio of Kidney Transplantation is 99.6%, and the total cost of kidney transplant in Indiastarts at USD 13,000. This cost is in reach of a common man and makes it possible for them to take up with the treatment in critical condition.

Know the Effectiveness of Kidney Transplantation in India:

India ranks second in the highest number of successful kidney transplants across the globe. Still, it is just 2.5% of the overall requirement.

There is enormous scope for increasing the number of kidney transplants, but the restriction is the availability of donors. It is difficult to find the matching donor as the country deals in Kidney Transplantation from live donors. The rate of success of  Kidney Transplant in case of the live donor is higher than that of a deceased donor.

It can be possible shortly that India also starts dealing in deceased donor kidney transplantation, keeping in mind the increasing demand. However, it is not the present scenario.

To begin with, the Kidney Transplant process, both the donor and the receiver have to undergo diagnosis; if everything is in sync, then the surgeon begins with the preparation of the surgery. Another requirement for transplantation is that the patient must be fit for surgery and does not suffer from any other chronic disease.

If you have passed all the test and doctor suggests you for kidney transplantation, you can opt India for the treatment. The reason for the same is low, or zero rates of failure and above all Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost in India. As both things are favourable to patients, the number of medical tourists is increasing every year. Apart from the cost, other promising things for medical tourists are highly qualified and experienced surgeons, availability of top hospitals, the presence of diverse places for tourism, no language problem and great hospitality.

Concluding lines:

If you are undergoing dialysis for a long time and there is no improvement in your health condition you must concern with your doctor for the second opinion. Do not delay, if he recommends for kidney transplantation. It may be challenging to deal with end-stage kidney failure, and in the worst case, it may prove to be fatal. So, make your health your priority. If both of your kidneys have failed, the only treatment is transplantation. Consider undertaking the medical procedure at the earliest possible.

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