Travelling during the phase of pregnancy

A baby growth during pregnancy video would have prepared for happy times ahead. But what happens in case if you are planning to travel when pregnant. Pregnancy baby growth week by week video suggests it is safe to travel when pregnant. The key is to ensure that both mothers along with baby are safe during the phase of pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy proper planning is necessary. If a mother is well informed they can cut down on the risks along with discomfort during the phase of pregnancy.

When you are travelling by air

When you are pregnant it is safe to fly. Most air carriers allow you to fly till 36 weeks of pregnancy  but you are going to need a certificate from the doctor that both baby and mother are safe to fly during pregnancy. The international flights seem to have a strict approach. They are not going to allow you to fly till about 32 weeks of pregnancy. A fear could emerge that a pregnant woman could face labor issues during the flight, but staff are well equipped to cope up with such emergencies. Cut off dates vary accordingly and you need to check with your airlines before you book a flight.

Pregnant women could face issues with cabin pressure and the might be themselves not keen to travel. But no shortage of oxygen would exist to the mother or even the baby.

Things to consider before you are planning to fly?

  • Just inform your travel insurance company that you are planning to travel and just check out if a premature birth of your baby occurs. Hospital expense in foreign countries cost a lot of money.
  • During pregnancy when you are about to fly it is necessary that you need to ask your doctor whether you need a blood thinner on the date of your flight. With blood thinner chances of blood clotting reduces to a minimum

In most cases it is safe for a mother to walk through a scanner at an airport. The detectors that are in place are metal which allows both the mother along with baby to pass. You cannot consider it as an X ray as this sets an alarm off. There are bound to be warning signs displayed at the airport boards if this appears to be the case.

If you travel by car

No matter whatever be the size of your tummy road travel is pretty safe when pregnant. Put on your seat belt as chances of baby getting injured in an accident appears bleak. Positioning of the seat belt is important as it needs to be above the uterus just below the hips. Research does point to the fact that in case of women not wearing seat belts and an accident occurred they were prone to excessive bleeding. The chances are high that they could even lose their babies.

No specific guidelines are in place for travelling by road during pregnancy, but doctors advise you to take a break in a couple of hours.

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