Tips for Efficient Landlords: Handling Tenant Requests

The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is often a complex one. If everything goes well, it can be sweeter than honey. If not managed properly, then both find themselves caught between the devil and the deep sea.

Being a landlord in India is not a piece of cake. You may find yourself on the tip of the iceberg now and then, especially when it comes to addressing the legitimate concerns of the tenants. Everyone wants a relationship and a contract that contains the minimum to zero irritants. Therefore, you need to be vigilant if you find a tenant reaching out with repair requests. Consider them, as this is the building block of maintaining a healthy relationship. Besides this, you are indirectly saving your money as you’re resolving something that may demand a bulk of the money to fix later on. While solving things quickly is easier said than done, you need to swallow the bitter pill to save yourself from landing in troubled waters.

Here, an attempt has been made to help you make a proactive landlord so that you can handle tenant repair requests in a timely manner.

Close the Loop

If you are an owner who has contact with top real estate developers in Mumbai, consider half of your work already done. You can ask them for a property manager. This will eventually help you establish a clear strategy to perform the repair and tie the loop among the three important stakeholders- owner, property manager and tenant.

From the landlord’s perspective, it’s always safe that you should establish ‘rules of engagement’ with your property manager. In this way, they will know when to involve you before a large repair.

Ask Your Tenant Coordinate with The Vendor

Your tenant should have your email id so that he can contact you directly. If you find that he is asking you for repair requests, contact the vendor. Then respond to the tenant with the vendor contact information. Help them in exchanging some words. This will directly help the vendor to approach the tenant to address their requests. In this way, you will be saving your time without using your phone back and forth.

Track and Record All Requests

Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to submit all the repair requests properly. You can either approach your landlord via email or contact him through a tenant portal. Usually, landlords won’t pick up the phone calls or reply to your texts unless there is some serious emergency. In this way, landlords forward your request to their vendors with approval notification to the tenant. They will also inform you electronically when they schedule the repair.

Offer A Maintenance Guarantee

Buying property in India is a very daunting task. Managing them is yet another burdensome work. In some situations, landlords cannot address the concerns of tenants as fast as they want. This may happen once in a blue moon but this point needs consideration. If so, tenants may call city inspectors in a hurry. However, you can solve this on your own by offering them a maintenance guarantee. In this way, you will remove his frustration. Moreover, this will enable you to handle those occasions wisely when a timely repair could not be done.

To cut the long story short, don’t leave your tenants in the lurch just because you have a hectic schedule. Address their genuine concerns to avoid any misfortunes and hassles.

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