Three types of inspection Services China

if you are outsourcing your business to other countries like China or like such countries that offer low production cost, you should opt for the right product inspection and it should be your high priority. For quality control and to ensure that you will get the best quality product, having this service is important. There are 3 types of inspections that need to use for quality control.

Product inspection should be carried out before your product ships to your purchaser. This process is important to be corrected and pre-emptively prevented before they turn into a bigger issue. These three processes should be done professionally.

These inspection processes are like:

  • Pre-production
  • During production
  • Pre-shipment


Pre-production checking should take place when your product is at the first phase of production or just 20% of the production process is completed. It can help you to make an immediate judgement of the preparation level and the real capacity. it helps in identifying the problem beforehand so that you will get enough time to adjust the issue.

These types of inspection come with a detailed report of the finished goods and also a realistic timeline of production. Through the process, inspectors check also the raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process. In addition, it checks the packaging materials and the other components also.

During production

The second phase is recommended when you are making first time order or you are working with a new factory. They take place when the production process has reached 20-60% of the final shipment. It may give you a detailed look at the manufacturing process, workflow and material usage. It is important for the final shipment of a sizeable quantity where continuous production can lead often to big swings in your quality level. This is the most effective way to identify the issue and preventing delays and bottlenecks.


The final inspections should take place when 80-100% of production has been completed. Rigorous on-site testing to the AQL standard of the industry is performed by the skilled production inspection team. The company should get the ratings like rejected, hold or accepted for the products including any type of information about the failures.

China is the most popular name in the world and becoming the leading manufacturing hub with several factories in quality and sophistication. Product inspection services in china is one of the most reliable ways for companies to confirm that their products meet the right standard and expectations before shipping.

You need to send experienced and skilled professionals to the supplier’s facility. They must know your requirements and criteria to check whether the supplier is meeting that. You will receive a detailed report of the goods in real-time. This complete report will help you to understand the situation of the factory, knowing the real status and condition of your order and being able to make a well-informed and standard shipping decision. You need to hire a skilled, experienced inspection team. You can choose the China-based inspection company or can send your own team from your company.

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