Three Signs That You Require a Hip Replacement Surgery

There might be various conditions in your hip that might stop you from performing the day-to-day activities. You might suffer difficulty and pain in every big and small move.

There are various causes for a hip disorder. It might be because of the injury, arthritis, inflammation in the joint, ageing, low-bone density and more.

Dome of the conditions can get the cure at the rehabilitation centre while other conditions require surgical assistance.

You must check with the orthopaedic specialist at the earliest when you start experiencing hip disorders. He would thoroughly analyse your condition, and declare if you require the hip replacement surgery or the non-surgical treatment.

Indications That You Require Hip Replacement:

One can receive the Best Hip Replacement Surgery in India, but the question is what are the indicative signs?

  • Stiffness in the Joint:

When you cannot bend down without pain, it is the sign that you have severe damage in the hip joint. If you cannot do the small tasks like picking something from the ground, tying your shoelaces, wearing your socks, and more; it is an indication that the performance of your joint has reduced to a greater extent. You can plan for immediate assistance if there is a difference in the performance of one leg over the other.

  •  One-Leg Test Process:

This is the simplest diagnosis process to analyse if you have a considerable hip disorder. All you have to do is stand on one-leg without seeking the support of the other leg. You can do it with or without the support of the wall, door frame or things like that. This exercise is to be done only for one minute. If you cannot stand successfully even for a minute and suffer pain or give-up in the middle of the exercise; seek the consultation of the orthopaedic surgeon at the earliest.

  • Consistent Pain in the Hip Joint

If you are in the starting stages of the hip disorders, you would face the inconvenience only while performing the heavy physical exercises. However, with the passage of time, if you do not seek medical assistance, the simplest activities like climbing stairs, walking, and other things also start to get difficult for you. The worst case is when you have to bear the pain even when you are in a still position. You have to bear with the pain even while sleeping. In such cases, the only healing to your condition is hip replacement surgery. All the signs and symptoms discussed above mostly require hip replacement surgery. You cannot avail the healing without surgical assistance. For all those, bearing with the financial issues; you can plan your hip replacement surgery in India. Average Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India is USD 8,000 to 12,000. It is a cost for both the hips. If you have difficulty in the single hip the price is even less. It is as low as 5,000 to 7000 US dollars.

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