Things That You Should Pack for College

College dorm is known for having restricted amounts of storage – and the space you do have is frequently shared with roommates! Before you try to stuff your whole closet in the car, use the guidelines in this article to avoid over packing. This is the ideal list of what clothes to pack for college, including items that will have you covered for the gym, class, spring break, dates, and more!

Getting Started

When you begin, think about your specific school. If people tend to dress a little more casually, you know that you almost certainly would not be wearing a lot of skirts and dresses even at parties. Also, if you are moving to a Northeastern school you are going to need to purchase winter clothes and a coat – that may seem optional if you are coming from a warmer climate, but it is not!


Do not be anxious about trying to wear a totally diverse outfit every day. Rather, select a few basics that compliment you and can be made into your “uniform.” One superior go-to combination is a long-sleeved top combined with skinny jeans. To add diversity to your uniform, select basics in a range of textures and colors.


Do not bring heels for class! You are going to be on foot than you think, and prospects are no one else will be dressing up. But that does not means you have to sport orthopedic walking shoes – there are plenty of pretty options that are both at ease and attractive. You can pack one pair of basic pumps and one pair of fun heels just in case you need them for particular events.

Mixing and Matching

Select a basic color palette so all of your parts team up. Then, utilize accessories to include curiosity to your look. Test with vests, scarves, belts and diverse necklace lengths. A jacket and a statement necklace will offer you a more refined look while a lengthy pendant necklace and ankle boots are more casual. Also, try quite a few different styles of flat, comfortable shoes such as ankle boots, tall boots, ballet flats, and a pair of attractive flats.


Since you possibly would not be lugging tons of books immediately, you can go for a nicer-looking bag option than what you carried in high school. Students prefer oversized satchels that are big enough to fit textbooks and notebooks. If you do wind up needing a backpack, select a prototype with colors that look good with your general wardrobe color palette.

As a student, you can mix and match your clothing always. You do not need to buy a lot of clothes; you can just buy a few, and wear them discretely, changing your style and look each time, with each pair. These tips will not only help you beat the competition in style at your campus, but it will also assist you stay in fashion all through your degree or course completion time.

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