The ultimate guide to buying engagement rings

Selecting the perfect engagement ring is one of the toughest tasks of a wedding ceremony. Its indeed one of the valuable purchases you make for your partner for the biggest ceremony of your life. An engagement ring should reflect all, the feeling, a promise, and a lifetime of togetherness.

From the diamond ring, solitaires to gold – there are ample options available for one to select a ring. But, picking the perfect engagement ring is no easy feat. There are ample of designs and processes to undergo. Here is the ultimate guide to buying engagement rings.

Find the best seller!

Engagement rings are often diamond-studded or a rare piece of gold, and it’s the rarity and exclusivity that makes it special too. The best way to begin is to find the best jeweler who sells authentic jewelry with the correct affiliations and certification. From power brands to recommended sellers from your friends and family – it is best to find a trusted name in the field to buy the most special ring in your life.

Know your diamonds

Diamonds are rare! Every piece is unique and every cut is special. And it is the hue, shape, size and cut that defines how expensive, how rare and just how special it can look on an engagement ring. Therefore selecting it can be an arduous task. It is best to know your diamonds before you purchase them. And that involves checking on the 4 C’s of measuring diamonds.

  • Cut: It isn’t the shape of the diamond but the angles and proportions that form the diamond. These fine cuts inside the diamond with their proportions define the sparkle a diamond shall have. Therefore ensure that the cuts are the best with no damages, or inappropriate proportions to select the most shining diamond.
  • Carats: Carat is the measuring scale of the weight of the diamonds. The higher the Carats, the expensive it gets. Sometimes the stone has fewer carats but the cuts make the diamonds seem larger. It’s the Carats that one should eye for ensuring the weight, size, and the price that the diamond shall cost.
  • Colour: Diamond colors define how rare and beautiful it can get. From D (colorless) to Z (light yellow) there are endless hues that form the diamond’s shine and presence. The colorless diamonds are the rarest and therefore are the more expensive ones too. Select the diamonds depending on the metal that goes with your engagement ring. Colorless diamonds are best suited for solitaires in platinum or white gold.
  • Clarity: The diamonds with fewest of damages, particles, or imperfections are of the best clarity. And the more clarity a diamond has, the more expensive and rare it becomes. To find the best piece for your partner, select the one with the most clarity.

Selecting an engagement ring

In the modern world, solitaires are the most preferred form of engagement rings. They are minimalistic, classy and at the same time behold the charm of a single diamond. Likewise, they are expensive and can behold rare diamonds too. But if you are keen on representing your love with something special, you can go for Gold rings designs in 4 grams where the designs can range from circles, flowers, geometric figures, and a simple trail of diamonds studded on the gold panel. With diamonds in shapes of heard, round, Asscher, oval, and princess cut – you can never go wrong with your engagement ring.

Selecting an engagement ring takes careful notice of the diamond and then the design that would match with your partner’s personality. Select the one that resonates with your feeling towards your partner.

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