The best place for a peaceful life

‘The whole world is a stage and we are just players’ is a popular say that is known to all. The primary objective of any life form is to survive in any form and live up to satisfaction. With heavy competition created in all the avenues, people do not understand the try meaning but try to implement it in their own way. This, in turn, leads them to depression, stress, and other issues. Generally, a person, when faced with severe situations, turns to extreme spirituality to come out of it.

We might have also seen many people in this case. Various religious practices help the people to come out of their mundane life and some even make it their way of life. People join those places which are filled with positive and serene energy. One such option for them is the Shincheonji Church that is made especially for the Christian people. It is not a normal church that is seen by everybody, the place is full of serenity and has been described as a place promised by God himself. It is mainly based in South Korea and most of the people there believe in the Korean Jesus and hope for a happy life.

What does it mean?

The word Shincheonji denotes Chinese characters that technically mean ‘new heaven and a new earth’. The place is fundamentally chosen to provide salvation to the people who need it the most. The church is believed to be in the plan for over 6000 years and has been created as per the structure mentioned in the bible. Thus, the place has been set in the minds of the people as the ‘heaven on earth’. They are also known as Zeus or Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Shortly called the SCJ, they are confident in the legitimacy of the practices that they follow.

Main factors:

  • People are well aware of the Korean Jesus and they are taught about many things that might not be followed in the normal Christian religion.
  • They are given full knowledge of the teaching and practices that are mentioned in the Bible.
  • As we all know, there are millions of people who consider bible sayings and take it to lead their life.
  • Also, only those people who already have the knowledge of the bible are allowed in the place.

The whole idea of this process is to provide salvation to the people who are in the hands of God. They do not fall out of line in any manner and practice discipline according to the bible all their life.

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