Terms and Conditions to Stay In Hostels

There are many hostels and paying guest houses available in the country. Suppose, you are a student and want to migrate from your home town to another place for further studies, then you must start searching for a paying guest house. Another option for staying in another city is a hostel. The hostel is the living place which is provided by the college or school authorities. The main reason for the availability of the hostel is that authorities get the extra income source and needed one to get safe and secure accommodation. But, living in a hostel is not as easy as you think. Many restrictions have to apply to all students who are part of the hostel. Because college authorities have made their own rules and every student has to follow all those rules strictly. Living in a hostel maintains a disciplined and well-mannered life in all possible ways. If you’re a girl and looking for a Hostel in Noida, then you can easily find a hostel on your college campus. After choosing your paying guest house facilitated with all services, the owner will ask for a one-month extra payment and pay this amount to him. When you are about to leave the hostel, inform your hostel warden and clear your all dues otherwise, you will not get the return of your advanced payment.

There are many strict restrictions for every student who is part of college campus such as room cleaning will be on fixed timings, no food preference, no parties, and no friends are allowed and fixed time for coming back to paying guest house at night. These are several rules which should be followed by every student who is ready to stay in the campus hostel. Many rules are here which are listed by campus authorities and also listed in this article which is applicable for boys and girls both who are interested to live in Hostels in Kota.

 Rules for staying in PG house

  1. Only a mother or sister is allowed to enter the Hostel area and can stay with you but only for one night.
  2. Visiting hours are also allowed for friends or guardians from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm, only in the dining hall.
  3. No night outs are allowed for you without permission from your parents or guardians.
  4. Gates of the hostel will close from 09:00 pm to 06:30 am and no entry will be allowed after 08:30 pm.
  5. You will get meals as per the menu and also at the fixed time. No tea/coffee/milk/meals will be available for you after fixed timings
  6. No need to paste anything on the walls and furniture which may require replacement or repairing. For such action, you will be fined.
  7. A fixed time is allotted for room cleaning.
  8. Every residential is responsible for the proper maintenance of hostel property.

All the above rules are must be followed. You will also get your lease payment when you leave the hostel. Enjoy your life in a college hostel and have an amazing experience!

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