Say goodbye to the milk leakage with washable breast pads!

Whether you are a nursing mother or a pregnant mom, you are likely to experience the milk leakage or the unexpected leakage or the let down in very common cases as it is one of the major occurrences which might be embarrassing for you in case you are not prepared for the same with the proper breast pads. It is up to you to make a choice between washable breast pads, disposable breast pads or the reusable breast pads. With the number of options in the market, it becomes difficult for the mothers to select which one is the right option for you and how to prevent out the embarrassing leaks out of your system. The leakage might make you feel uncomfortable and this is one of the major reasons for you to go for the breast pads to save yourself from all the embarrassments.

Why do you require breast pads?

During the final weeks of pregnancy and the initial days of nursing, the body will help you in the preparation and the perfection of the process of making out sufficient milk to feed out the baby in the most appropriate manner. Before the feeding process begins, your breasts will leak or release out the milk without warning you. Not only this, even after the body’s milk production has been regulated, there will be sudden let-downs that will subside and the leaks might surprise you. These situations are triggered by the emotional situations and the physical needs. Sometimes, a simple hear or a cry from the baby or the yearning for a snuggle might trigger a spray of milk from your breasts.

Why are breast pads necessary?

The breast pads are necessary because they will help you in the absorption of the released milk and preventing all the embarrassment of damp circles around your nipples. These will also help you in protecting your clothing from all the stains of breastfeeding milk.

Are the breast bads really safe??

It is one of the natural ways that helps you aware about your hygiene and various other risks that you might be facing while breastfeeding your baby.If you use breast pads properly, it is one of the most safest and hygienic ways to prevent leakage of milk from the breasts.

Benefits of breast pads

  • These are cost effective. You can get them at affordable prices at various online stores.
  • The breast pads are breathable. The mothers can easily breathe from these breast pads as the quality and comfort in this product is genuine.
  • The breast pads are eco-friendly. There’s nothing that can harm you with these breast pads.

Points to remember

  • One of the biggest risks while using the breast pads is the infection from bacterial growth. The bacteria generally thrive their existence in the moist and warm environments so sometimes, the breast pads might become the breeding ground if you don’t change them frequently.
  • You must change the breast pads when they are damp in order to avoid the constant moisture around the nipples that can foster the growth of bacteria. This is quite important whenever you have broken skin or sore nipples. The unresolved pain in the nipples might cause various other problems.

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