Rowing Machines: Quick Guide To Different Types

hamstrings, and glutes.

There are four main categories of rower: air, magnetic, water, and hydraulic.

Air rowing machines

This type of rowing machine has been around for about forty years already. People also call these machines ergos or ergometers.

Air rowing machines produce resistance from the internal flywheel. It is at the front end of the machine. A chain attached to the flywheel makes it spin and rotate when pulled. Pulling the chain harder and faster will increase the resistance of the flywheel.

Air rower models come in different sizes. Most air rowers have transport wheels and a folding mechanism for easier storage.

Air rowers can be noisy because of the flywheel. You have to consider this if you have other household members or neighbors in an apartment.

Magnetic rowing machines

This type is the most suitable for home use. It is more quiet and has a compact design than air and water rowers.

A series of strong magnets that change in distance makes this rower work. It also has a flywheel with a handle attached by a chain. The mechanical sliders alter your resistance levels. You can also use the console controls. Noise levels are very low and movements are smooth and controlled.

Water rower

This type is the most elegant. Some even look like furniture because of the solid high-quality wood. The water paddling wheel at the front produces the resistance levels.

A water flywheel makes a water rower work. It is a water tank with paddles attached to a chain with handles for rowing. Rowing will pull back the chain. It makes the water wheel paddle and spins the wheel in circular motions. There is a drag against the paddles because of the mass of the swirling water. It is where resistance comes from. Your rowing speed dictates the resistance level.

It is not as loud as the air rower but not as quiet as the magnetic one. Most of these rowers need a bit of space for storage.

Hydraulic rowing machine

This type has two pistons on either side of the rowing handles. Rowing will get them pumped up. You should not touch them because the friction of pulling back and forth makes them hot. Most hydraulic rowers are small and compact. They are also quiet and will give you a smooth, quiet stroke.

There are various types of rowing machines. You can find one that will suit your budget, living space, and fitness goals. Make sure to do proper research before you buy anything.

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