Repair Tools You Need to Master the Art of Apple iPhone Screen Replacement

Due to the trade conflicts, governments across the world are set to impose strict restrictions on cheap cell phone parts China.Till now, there hasn’t been such a ban, but it’s important for people who depend on these cheap cell phone parts from China to adopt a different way of fixing their phones. One of the most easily damaged phone parts is the screen. Be it the latest version of the iPhone or any other Android model – screens constantly break and replacing them or repairing them at the store is way too costly. Here are some tools that’ll help you master the art of cell phone screen replacement.

Testing the Phone

Before you start working on your ideal Apple iPhone screen replacement, you’ll need to test your phone’s functionality. An LCD tester works perfectly.These testers help uses check whether their phone’s LCD screen is functional and detect what the issues may be.Another ‘testing tool’ all phone users must have in their arsenal is the Battery Tester. These testing devices are easy to use, even for amateurs. They instantly assess the status of a cell phone’s battery. Often, battery issues cause glitches on the screen. So, that screen issue that’s bothering you for months may not be screen-related at all!

Opening the Phone

There are plenty of household items, such as tweezers, that you can use to disassemble your phone. However, using a set of small screwdrivers is the safest option, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive materials such as the phone’s motherboard. After opening the phone, you’ll have to clean it. Instead of using household brushes (the bristles may harm the delicate inner-workings of your cell phone’s PCB), use ultrasonic cleaners. These cleaning tools are easily available. If the damage is too severe, don’t test your luck opening the phone. Instead, opt for an iPhone X OLED Aftermarket screen replacement.

Other Tools

Some other mobile repair tools that come in handy include – hot air stations (to fix the cell phone’s motherboard), voltmeters, and microscopes. Have these tools by your side whenever you test the phone’s PCB or motherboard. Often, the materials and connections installed on a motherboard are impossible to view with a naked eye. Use torches, microscopes, and other devices to get a clean look at the inside regions of your cell phone. Start practicing on dead phones and keep building your mobile repair tool collection!

There are some analog soldering stations in the market, but predictably the demand for these machines is much lesser than their digital counterparts. Experts prefer to spend as much time as possible with the machines. Don’t expect to wait for more than three hours. Compared to Apple Store charges, individual laser machine experts charge peanuts. Users also have the option to get custom-engraved back glasses with the repair. After removing the broken glass layer, the repair experts add new adhesive on the phone and place it into clamps so that it dries faster. Within a few hours, your back glass is as good as new!

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