Remedies for getting rid of the pimple scars

Scars are one of the most strenuous skin issues to treat. Any burn or injury can cause a scar. Older scars are difficult to get rid of than the new scars. To get rid of scars product based on no scars face wash should be bought by the people.                                                                  

Some of remedies to get rid of pimples: 

Many creams and lotions are used by the people nowadays but generally, these creams and lotions contain chemicals which can badly affect their skins. There are some ways of getting rid of pimple scars:


To get rid of pimple, warm few drops of superior quality of olive oil.Before going for a sleep massage on your face gently in circular motion and leave it overnight. Olive oil not only reduces marks but also reduces the swelling.


Some mustard seed power must be mix with honey and apply it on the pimples and leave it till it dries up. This pack not only do wonders on pimples but it will make your skin glow as mustard is rich in vitamin.


Mint leaves is one of best ingredients for removing the pimples .2 tablespoons of mint leaves, oatmeal powder should be mixed and for 10 minutes it should be applied on the face till it completely sets and wash the mask with clean water. Mint removes pore-clogging oil that leads to the formation of a pimple


By mixing 1 tablespoon each of green tea, 3 teaspoons of brown sugar mask it will form a thick paste. This paste should be applied on your face and rub it softly for 1-2 minutes in circular motion. For 10 -15 minutes leave it to dry before cleaning with warm water. Green tea reduces bleeding from minor abrasions and makes the skin less oily.


Powdered aspirin reduces pimples as it contains salicylic acid and it also helps in reducing redness when applied topically. Three tablets of uncoated aspirin should be taken and crushed them to water. To form a paste water should be sprinkled on powder and spread this powder on your face. For the paste to dry wait for least 20 minutes


 For its antibacterial Toothpaste is the best weapon to battle pimples. Gel-based or coloured toothpaste should be avoided. Paste should be rubbed softly on the pimple area before sleeping. It dries out the area and helps in faster removal of pimple.


Neem helps in preventing the pimples and cools down the skin due to its antibacterial and blood purifying properties. 1 teaspoon each of dried neem powder, fuller’s earth and little drops of rose water to make a thick paste and apply it on the pimple and wait for some time till it dry completely


Due to cinnamon antimicrobial properties, it helps faster removal of pimples. 1 teaspoon each of honey and cinnamon powder should be mixed to make a paste. This paste should be applied on your face and leave it overnight and wash it the next morning.

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