Peter Max- The Evolution of An Iconic Artist in the USA

There are few artists that stand out for their work and are remembered in the field by many generations. They leave an indelible impression in the mind and are known for their deep levels of creativity and expression. They are considered to be icons in their field primarily because they please the senses with their diverse forms of art and color.

Peter Max- one of the best pop art painters in the world

Peter Max has over 50 years of experience in the world of pop art in the USA. Peter Max is one of the best artists the nation has ever produced. He is known for his color and bold themes. He has a huge fan following of young and old followers. His forms of art are so impressive that he has been the official artist to paint the portrait of 6 US Presidents. He has been the official artist for the Grammy Awards, Super Bowl and major events of the nation.

How did his journey as an artist begin?

He says that he was lucky to have a lovely childhood that gave him the opportunity to travel to exotic locations and learn the different forms of art. His mother was a fashion designer based in Berlin. His family moved to Shanghai and she honed the talent of her son by living art supplies in the four balconies of their home that had a pagoda. There were crayons, water colors, ink, pencils, colored paper, scissors and more. She had a unique way of encouraging Peter Max to paint. She used to tell him to choose one balcony and a medium to paint. She even told him to make a big mess so that they can clean it up later.

Honing his artistic talent

This artistic encouragement continued even after his family travelled to different parts of the world. This included Haifa in Israel. Here, he studied with Professor Honik who was an expressionist in Austria. It was here that he was introduced to the vibrant world of Fauvism. He also studied the drawings and the paintings of Max Beckmann, Maurice Vlaminck, Henri Matisse and Alexi Jawlensky.

His introduction to cosmic art

While he was studying different paintings and drawings, his creativity took another turning. He visited the Observatory at Mt. Carmel and his childhood fantasy about the cosmic universe awaken. He became eager to learn more above space and so his parents enrolled his name instantly at The Technion Institute where he started evening classes. After his classes, he spent his time at museums and galleries. This is how the world of cosmic art started and later grew to win everyone’s hearts in USA and the world.

Today, Peter Max celebrates over 50 years as an iconic artist in pop art and cosmic art. His contributions do not stop only at art, he is an active philanthropist supporting causes for the environment and animals. He has taken some of his iconic works and dedicated them to support animals and the protection of the environment!

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