When you want to know about the ethnic ‘tribal’ paintings of India, two popular names are Warli paintings and Madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings originated in Madhubani district of Bihar and it also diffused to the adjacent districts of Ranti, Jetwarpur, Bacchi, Rasidpur, Rajangarh, etc.

According to the belief of the Madhubani people, Gods visit each house in the morning to bless them with luck and prosperity, and for this Madhubani paintings are used as a welcome painting on the walls, doors, and floors for the Gods. Till the 1960s, it was simply considered as a decorative art but after the Bihar famine of 1964-65 on the people of Madhubani, they had to shift to other forms of livelihood.

From there they started the commercialization of the Maithili paintings, and it shifted from walls and floors to paper, sarees, dupattas, etc. They are still using original themes, the themes of religion, and mythology. Many people of Madhubani are only dependent on these paintings for their daily necessities.

Madhubani art paintings are mostly based on religion and mythology and the religious themes are branched into two types – little tradition and great tradition. In little tradition paintings, it includes paintings of Gods like Raja Salesh, Buddheshwar, Reshma, and the likes that occur in abundance. Great traditional paintings are a tribute to the Hindu Gods like Krishna-Radha, Shiva-Parvati, Ganesha, Maa Durga, and the likes. There are some attributes characterizing Madhubani paintings are:

•              Use of symbols, lines, and patterns supporting the main theme

•              Use of natural and artificial colors.

•              Border with simple geometric designs.

•              Abstract-like figures, of deities or human.

Reasons to include artwork in your living rooms:

•              Art holds several observations and understandings that start a discussion about art is an extraordinary way to know the compatibility.

•              Art adds a special character to your living room. Its shades, texture, definition, and personality in a room make it a complete picture. It depends upon you about the sort of art you pick, it will give something new to the living room.

•              The choice of art reflects your personality as if you are a nature lover or an animal lover, a fun-loving person or a mysterious one, your selection of artwork will define your personality extraordinarily.

•              When you have decided to contribute your effort and money in the art, and you realize how it can add that ideal finishing touch to your living room, it’s essential to choose the correct artwork. When you pick an artwork, make a choice that enhances the look of the walls of the room. Art provides you numerous possibilities to mix and match and is several ways to complete your decor story.

The Madhubani paintings have gained much popularity and with the advancement in technology, online shopping has made it easy to buy beautiful artwork while sitting at your home. You can easily purchase Madhubani paintings online if you want to get the best paintings at low prices. Buy a Madhubani artwork and add a single touch of Madhubani style in your home décor.

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