Looking For A Cost-Effective Kidney Transplant: Visit India

Having a damaged kidney can create a significant impact on your lifestyle. You can not even think of resuming your routine with all the visits to the hospital for dialysis.

It might seem simple to stay in a dialysis room for a few hours, but when you have to do it thrice a week, your life is no more lively. Moreover, the need for dialysis does not end here. There might be times when you have to lead an entire week in the hospital.

Yes, when the kidney does not function at all, you have to undergo the dialysis regularly. Dialysis is not a permanent cure. If you wish to avail the healing, all you need is Kidney Transplant.

If it is the cost that stops you from availing the transplant, you can plan your treatment in India. Here, the Average Cost of Kidney Transplant is low compared to other states.

What Can Be An Estimated Expense for Kidney Transplant in India?

The cost of a kidney transplant, just like any other transplant process depends on several factors. It is not an identical price for all conditions. The significant difference in the cost of the transplant is for the compatibility of the blood group.

When the blood group of the donor and receiver is compatible, the price can be in between 13,500 to 16,000 USD. Well, the difference in cost merely depends on your choice of hospital in India, in such a case.

Now, when the blood group of the donor and the receiver is not compatible, then there is a further add-on of 8,000 to 10,000 dollars in the overall price of a kidney transplant. The sum-up of expense for a kidney transplant in such a case is around 22,000 to 30,000 US Dollars.

Now, this cost is approximately around one-sixth times of the price of treatment in other developed countries. So, whenever the concern is to get the Cheapest Kidney Transplant, people across the world travel India for the procedure.

It is because along with the lower price of the treatment, people get to avail high-quality treatment. There is no compromise with the quality of treatment. Moreover, the success results of a Kidney Transplant in India are more than 95%.

In a Nutshell:

India is the only country that has the first position in the list for a quality treatment as well as the lowest cost treatment.

The doctors and surgeons in India are highly recognised for saving the lives of people across the world. The expertise is not only for the cure of end-stage renal disorder but all organ transplants.

So, whenever anyone plans for an organ transplant, their first preferred destination for medical tourism is, India.

It is because the travellers not only save for the cost of treatment, but the cost of living is also less in India. The time for a stay in and around the hospital for a kidney transplant can be anywhere in between 45 to 60 days. It needs the max expense of 2,000 dollars along with the treatment cost.

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