Legal Guide 101: Most common motoring offenses and how to avoid them

Sometimes the easiest and most convenient way to avoid getting trouble for a driving offense is to simply not commit them. But this is easier said than done. Life is full of surprises and it is not as simple as you think. Most drivers find themselves begging for mercy and justice after being stopped for an offense they didn’t mean to commit.

Here are the top driving offense and the ways to avoid them


Speeding is very common among drivers, many of them prefer to travel fast. This could either be because of so many reasons, it could be that they are late for work, testing the speed limit of their new car or just plainly fantasizing about a car racing movie. In both ways, speeding beyond the limit is an offense, and it can have a fixed penalty or a revocation on your license, depending on the situation.

You should remember that in speeding if you can’t convince the court that you were innocent, you may be charged with a higher fine than what is normally offered. The best advice is to get a Motoring Offence Solicitor or an expert attorney to have legal advice to see if you have a chance of winning the case. There are speed cameras everywhere, this is what drivers should take notice of. These speed cameras are also bound by legal requirements for it to be visible to the drivers. If the cameras are not obscure enough for you to see it, then this might be a possible defense in trial.

Using a mobile phone or any distraction while driving

This offense has existed since 2003, but many drivers are still caught doing it. Some drivers are taking the risk to do it. Perhaps out of necessity or something else. Either way, it is still considered an offense no matter the reason. The study suggests that texting while driving behind the wheels can impair you’re driving two times more compared to being drunk.

Avoiding a charge in this offense is pretty simple, don’t use your phone while driving, this is even though you are in control of the phone, it is still considered as an offense. 

Being charged with this offense does not take into account other charges, such as carelessly driving or dangerous driving, you can also be charged with those offenses too.

Drink driving

This seems an obvious offense to be included in the list, we don’t need to tell everyone else that drink driving is a bad idea.  If you drive drunk and you are at the control of the vehicle, even the slightest impairment can result in tragedy. Drinking offenses come with some harsh possible penalties, which include disqualification and jail time, even if you brought no harm to anyone. The worst thing about drunk driving offense is that you could commit this offense without even realizing that you were doing it.

This is also one of the driving offenses that have more strict provisions, merely sitting in the driver seat with the engine running can already be considered “attempting to drive”, even if you have no intention to drive and you only turned the engine to listen to the radio

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