Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kindergarten School for Your Kid

You probably think that filing a preschool application for your kid is the end of the schooling process a parent should face, but no, it’s not the end yet. Comparing the cost, location, length of school days, the status of the playground are always the most obvious common factors when sending your kid to daycare. Ok, mom and dad, those factors are yes very important, but very basic and common.

One thing you might also want to consider is: Are the other parents like me? You’ll soon realize, during the school year of your kid, you’ll be able to meet life-long friends through the whole school year, and you wanted to be sure to surround yourself with families who share the same core values as yours.

Actually, there are hundreds of factors a parent should know when deciding for your kid’s preschool, but mostly you as a parent miss out the most important points and get blinded by the school’s perks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kindergarten School

Below are 3 factors parent should need to focus while checking the preschool premises and environment.

Preschool Teachers and Staffs

There are several school philosophies out there which it’s not going to break your kid’s preschool experience. But the most important factor among them is the preschool teachers, and this is the most difficult thing to assess.

But what qualities can makes a great teacher? Simple, the best teacher will create a bond with your child and can make her or him feel safe. One the connection is established, the teacher can easily help your children to play and learn.

Try to pay a visit to the classroom at random times during the teaching session, you can observe them free and asses if they have these qualities. A great teacher should engage with the kids, sit with their level, and ask them open-ended questions to form a bond. Plus, the best teacher will always teach and help the kids to interact with each other, sharing and giving with other kids as well.

Always remember, a great teacher will always help your kids to socialize and encourage a student who is standing alone to come and play with others.

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School Communication

A teacher should be open when it comes to communication, aside from being approachable, check if the teachers will have time for a small chat at drop off and pick up session to your kid. Are they open about sharing their email address to the parents? If yes, how quickly they are to respond?

Some schools send home announcement letters to update the parents about their kid’s classroom activities. Other parents always want to know what happened to their child inside the classroom, does the child napped and ate their snacks? Does the child finish the task that was given to her or him? These important things should always be answerable by the announcement letters written by the teachers. It’s really important to be fully informed of your child school activities.

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