How video analytics can help your business?

Companies are doing more with their existing surveillance system by video analytics. To improve operations of a company big data is not a new concept. Data poses to be of considerable value, and organizations are tapping into new data mining sources to analyse and mine vital insights leading to improvement of business.

Video is bestowed to be a mammoth goldmine which has not discovered its true potential, and new modules are being developed for any information for discovery. Video analytics at an intelligent level have mad vital inroads which make business wander what they can gain from it. The benefits accruing from video analytics seems straight forward but all of them could transform your business into one area with use of versatile technology.

The major benefit that video analytics software for your business pertains to security. Being added to the surveillance   cameras of an office in terms of an office grade system it replicates a new value added feature. Not forgetting to mention that video analytics has immense capability to improve security of a company. It emerges from features of facial recognition, where an individual is interpreted by facial features. From a security point of view fraud people can be identified and necessary action can be taken.

With help of security system you can analyse behavioural patterns. Just by observing someone’s behaviour on how they walk, move or run it is possible to detect suspicious activity. Features like object and motion detection with video tracking are put to use in various places particularly in airports or high security zones. Importance is to be paid for video analytics companies in retail stores where chances of thefts are particularly high.

Till now our discussion has centred on security benefits of a video analytics system. Still via video analytics you would love to pay attention to business based benefits that can accrue. You can gain vital insights on who are your customer and reasons why they are driven to your business. Video analytics can pick up features which a human cannot. For example what are the things shoppers look in a store, how they perceive things and their expressions at a given point of time.

An advanced version of emotion detection and behaviour analytics which you can use to analyse shopping behaviour at the next level. Due to mapping technology you can also derive an idea on why people visit a store. By this feature at the store you can plan out new display of products and chalk out the attention they deserve. Perhaps they could be an area of the store where people might hardly pass through it. By this mechanism you can map your store properly.

Various other form of technologies like people counting reveals number of people who have entered a store. Vital insights are provided by video technology and thanks to storage capabilities records are stored over a detailed period of time. Since most of the work is undertaken by cameras, no need exists for a human to monitor the camera.

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