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How to View Instagram Profile Picture

Ever wanted to preview someone’s IG profile in full version? Of course! Each of us admires someone in our life, whether they are celebrities, Insta influencers, your teachers, or your fans. You stalk them and see their posts and IG stories on a daily basis. Still, we wanted to see their profile picture in full form but we can’t see. Isn’t it? Are you looking for some ways to get someone’s profile icon in the full version? Don’t worry then! This article containsquick ways that will be useful for you peopleto view someone’s Instagram DP, whether the account is public or private.

Why do people want to see someone’s IG profile?

Let me share my own story with you people, once my friend asked me to follow her own Instagram. She just told me her Insta username. I searched but I can’t find her and recognized her. That time I realized that there should be some way to view full Display picture on Insta. So I searched and gather some useful information and then I decided to share it with you people. 

Other than stalking someone’s profile, stories, photos there are some other reasons that people need to get a full profile version of someone. This is because, usually, Insta users have a hard time finding their friends and relatives with similar names, and sometimes people don’t write much about them in bio. Plus, the Insta display image is too small for anyone to identify. This makes it difficult for Instagrammers to follow anyone and accept the following requests. They are just trying to figure out who that person is. So, they are finding some ways to view the full version of someone’s Insta DP.

So, we are here with a solution! There are some tricks from that you will be able to open the IG profile icon in the full version. So, let’s dive in!

How to View someone is IG Profile Icon?

By reading more, you’ll learn about opening someone’s profile in the fullest form. So, come after the steps below!

  • Open up your Insta account on any browser.
  • Insert your user name and password.
  • Then search for a profile that you want to see.
  • Copy the URL address of that profile.
  • Further, you need to paste that URL in the new tab.
  • Now you’ll land on that profile.
  • After that, hold the IG profile icon, you will get an option of ‘Open Image In New tab’. Click that!
  • Now you’ll see a full IG profile picture. Even you can zoom it and can download it. 
  • To download that picture in your device, Hold it and click on the option of ‘Download Image’.
  • The picture is successfully downloaded in your device.

In this way, you can view and save someone’s profile picture. Other than this, there are also some other alternatives to view the Insta display picture in full version. 

Alternatives to View IG Profile Icon

There are two alternatives to view and then save the IG profile picture of your crush, admirer, or influencer.

Insta Profile Picture Downloading Tools

As you all know, Instagram doesn’t provide the facility to view someone’s profile picture directly. Then obviously we have to be indirect. Developers never lag behind in providing services to social media users. That’s why they develop various tools to help stalkers. Many tools and websites allow users to download photos, stories, or videos from Insta, and can help users to view and download someone’s profile picture to their device.

Gramvio is a tool that provides all the facilities to Insta users along with profile viewing feature. By using this tool, you can simply get the zoom version of someone’s profile icon with real a high resolution within a matter of seconds. The process is really short and easy. Once you visit this tool you will get all the information.

Third-Party Applications

There are many third-party applications and they aren’t affiliated with Instagram but can help get someone’s IG profile picture. Such as’Downloader for Instagram profile’ or ‘Download profile picture for Instagram’ and more. These apps have all the great features like they provide HD quality and full-size IG profile and also provide a complete history of recently viewed profile icons. They provide services for both public and private accounts and are convenient for users.

Pro Tip:

As we all know the capabilities of downloading tools and apps. So, if you just don’t want to reveal your identity, then refrain from uploading your image as an Insta display picture. You can upload any fake picture or quotation image instead of your own picture.

Why Instagram Doesn’t Let You see anyone is IG Profile Icon?

You may be wondering why this amazing social media platform is not allowing you to view anyone’s profile picture whether the account is public or private. Although you can see photos, videos, and stories on Insta. However, the profile icon is neither clickable nor viewable. Why? Sometimes it can be so frustrating to see IG Dp in just one round icon.

Well, relax! Let me tell you the reason behind it. Basically, Instagram really cares about users’ privacy. Insta users can manage the privacy of their profile as they wish, but no one can enlarge their Insta profile icon, whether it is a business profile or a private one. Users can manage the privacy of stories, publications, and all that, but there are some people who are more conservative and want complete privacy. Therefore, for them, the small profile icon is more advantageous.

Wrap It Up!

I hope that now after reading this article you can easily recognize your friends, crush, admirers, and relatives because it has all the ways for stalkers and Instagrammers to see someone’s IG display picture. The Instagram app should also consider the need for viewing a large size of display picture because it is very convenient for users. Otherwise, various tools, apps, and other methods are always available to assist Insta users. 

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