How to Find an Affordable Mechanic to Work on Your Imported Car

Many motorists struggle to find an affordable mechanic for their vehicles. All automobiles need regular check-ups. However, a car might develop extra mechanical issues if you take it to an unreliable mechanic. It is important to look for a genuine import and foreign vehicle service in Las Vegas. In this post, we explore five ways to find an affordable mechanic for your imported car.

1.         The Better Business Bureau

Some motorists opt to liaise with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It contains a record of complaints about different mechanics and repair shops. Most businesses have several complaints. Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid hiring a repair shop with numerous complaints. An enterprise might charge exorbitant prices yet they deliver a low-quality import vehicle service.

2.         Local Search

Skilled mechanics get return clients by word of mouth. It enables small repair shops to attract many customers within a short period. You could call several local shops and inquire about their hourly rates. An ideal shop should disclose its actual repair costs. Do not hire them if they are expensive, rude or hesitant about answering your questions.

Ask the shop manager to show you their certifications. Most mechanics are normally registered with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or the National Institute. Some of them are active members of trade associations such as the American Automobile Association (AAA). All mechanics undergo extensive training to get such certifications.

3.         Do Not Take Old Cars to a Dealership

Many car owners do not take old cars with expired warranties to dealerships. Typically, the dealership charges extra fees for hourly compensation and car parts. However, it is a viable option if your vehicle has a valid warranty. It covers all repair costs.

In most dealerships, a mechanic might not serve you. Repair shops hire licensed mechanics for import and foreign vehicle service in Las Vegas. They offer excellent client service and build friendly relationships. It is advisable to take certain car models to dealerships. Some car parts are hard to find in particular areas.

4.         Check Client Reviews

You can get customer reviews on websites such as and Yelp. They allow motorists to anonymously post complaints about certain mechanics and repair shops. However, some mechanics lack a strong online presence. Renowned technicians rely on word-of-mouth rather than websites to market their import vehicle services. Each car model has an active forum. You can ask for recommendations from different online forums.

5.         Hire Yourself

A reliable mechanic can fix major repair problems. However, you can address issues such as changing your oil, headlight bulbs, windshield blades and spark plugs. You just purchase the required repair parts and save on labor costs. There are numerous online tutorials on how to repair your imported car. Besides, you can attend a class at a nearby vocational school to understand the fundamentals of automobile maintenance and repair.

Finding a certified imported and foreign vehicle service in Las Vegas isn’t a piece of cake for many people. Hire a mechanic who will fix your vehicle without inflating their rates. You can seek referrals from friends and family members or check the Better Business Bureau.

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