How Can a Private Investigator Help you in your Divorce Case?

Divorce is a very tough process for any couple, especially when there are children or other dependent family members are involved. It doesn’t matter whose fault is involved, but there are disagreements over the events that caused or contributed to the divorce and the method of going through the divorce along with the practicalities of dividing obligations and assets. 

Although these situations would pose difficulties for a couple, they are sometimes worsened by not obtaining true information. In order to get accurate information, private investigators or private eye can be hired through private investigation companies.

But, still, the question is how can a private investigator help you in your divorce?

Private investigators are basically highly-trained professionals that seek and analyze information on issues and use special methods such as surveillance, fact-finding, and local informational sources of information. 

Most of the private investigators are contracted by attorneys, insurance companies, and individuals. Further, these investigators can also be hired for personal or small business matters. Divorce involves many private issues such as adultery and sometimes, domestic violence and that is the reason why private investigators are hired because they can help with complex financial and organizational problems that can be highly relevant in some divorce cases. 

Some of the Things Private Investigator’s Includes

Gathering Evidence

Both partners should define if there’s fault and where the fault lies while filing for divorce. It can be considered as a faulty divorce if it is developed because of the actions or inactions of the other party. One of the most valid reasons for divorce could be an allegation of cruelty such as inflicting physical or emotional pain or it may also include adultery, desertion, imprisonment or sexual dysfunction that was not revealed during the marriage. In such situations, a judge will probably require proof for such alleged faults and this is where the private investigators can help you. 

However, gathering proof of these faults without the guidance of an investigator is not advised as it can risk the lives of the spouses in the eyes of the judge, while the methods used by an unprofessional can impact the results of the case legally in the negative ways. So, private investigators are hired to tackle such dangers and they will also conduct the investigation while following proper laws and procedures. 

Child Support

A divorce between a couple can impact negatively on the mind of the spouses. Sometimes, mistrust of another spouse usually means they will attempt to hide or obscure assets, delay wage or incentive obligations. Investigators track down the real assets and income involved with these types of situations by observing their financial statements. The role of the investigator also includes coverage which is true and reasonable. 

Child Custody

In the event of a divorce, private investigators can be called on to assist in child custody matters. Private investigators may be asked to check into the issue if a spouse is concerned about the activities that the child may be visiting the other parent. The child may be under surveillance to see if they are into drugs or alcohol. Private investigators may also act as a linkage between one parent and others in the child’s life. 

Asset Searches

Assets broke in rare cases when both partners are in agreement. Investigators can find financial asset information from a variety of sources if there is any disagreement stem over mortgage responsibilities, gifts, car payments, company valuations or inheritances. By utilizing this information, attorneys can gather more precise information and plan for the division of assets upon awarding of their divorce, which means a more amicable settlement and lower legal penalties. 

Private investigators are beneficial in situations where both partners suspect that their assets are hidden. The reality is that it’s quite common for one or both partners try to hide their assets during the divorce proceedings and settlement process. 

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