How Boss Can Spy on Employees Using Window Screen Recorder App

Business firms have to spy on employees over the years because the working abilities have been gone on PCs and other devices connected to the internet. Moreover, windows desktop and desktops happen to unsafe because of cyber threats and threats from within. Therefore, employers have no choice but to track employee’s activities on the company’s owned devices. However, employers are struggling to spy on the workforce in working hours especially when they rouge employees to get involved in fishy activities on business provided computing laptop and desktop devices. In a situation like this where you get stuck in a blind alley, you need to get your hands on the windows screen recording app.

What is the screen recording app?

It is one of the all-time best windows monitoring apps to spy on employees in working hours. It is particularly developed and designed for business protection, productivity, and many others. Therefore, you have to install it on the target PC and then use its online dashboard to navigate its powerful spying tools. You can use its advance and powerful tools like live screen recording, screenshots, keystrokes logging, websites blocking, view installed applications, surround recording, computer camera photos, activity logs, and many more. It has a user –friendly interface and uploads the information to its online web portal.


It is fully compatible with all the contemporary PCs whether laptop and desktop devices running with the Windows operating system. You can secretly monitor all the activities happen on the target device without the target person knowing.

How to get & install windows screen recorder software?

If you want to spy on your employees in working hours and particularly on a business owned device then you need to visit the official webpage of the TheOneSpy. Once you have visited the webpage then you need to subscribe for the windows monitoring app to get your hands on the screen recording tool. In addition to that, check your email account and collect the credentials on terms of password and ID.

Get physical access on windows PC

Now it is the right time for you to get physical access on the target computer device running with windows operating system. Furthermore, star the process of installation once you got access to the target device. Moreover, complete the process of activation after you have completed the setup on the target PC.

Activate the online web control panel

Now you need to revisit the email that has been provided you the credentials. Use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel. In addition to that, you can further visit the powerful tools of windows surveillance app including the screen recorder for windows that singlehandedly empowers you to spy on employee’s activities to the fullest. Let’s discuss it in detail alongside the other powerful tools.

Use windows spying software powerful features

Live screen recorder for Windows PC

Use the credentials and activate the web portal and further you need to activate the screen recording on windows device. In certainly empowers you to get access to the target device screen and start making short videos of the screen back to fourth in a series and afterward after each recorded video of the windows screen, it delivered to the web control panel.

 It means you can get access to the web portal and you can watch the recording of the videos to get to know what sort of activities employees are doing on the windows device, In addition to that, you can record the screen when the target computer device user is up to browsing activities. It means you can record the activities of visited websites and apps in real-time.

You can visit bookmarked webpages with a time stamp. In addition to that, you can get to know email sent or received on the target device and you can see the applied keystrokes and conversations on social media platforms. Moreover, you can see that whether employees are doing productive work or just wasting time in working hours. However, employers can prevent goldbricking, data breaching activities because of constant surveillance on a windows laptop device.


TheOneSpy screen recorder is the best tool for business owners to monitor live activities happening on the business owned PCs.

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