Guide for marble cutting tools

Marble is a very hard material as compared to metal. It is softer than granite.  There are many process related with marble cutting. There are many tools suitable for each specific use. Shaping and polishing of marbles needs different types of tools.

Marble cutting tools include saw, blades and cutters. All of these tools consists diamond.The cutting process mainly affects the grinding and polishing process. If the cutting is not done properly then grinding process takes more time. Sometimes it can’t be recovered. 

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Best quality marble cutting blades has following features:-

  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Long-lasting life
  • Accurate cutting

They must have these features so that the artisan is able to work smoothly. Cutting marble is nuisance if it produced loud noise.

Benefits of using marble cutter:-

Using marble cutter for shaping the marble is beneficial.

  • It can give a proper shape to marble so that it takes a less time in finishing.
  • If you use marble cutter then you can cut marble in very less time.
  • It improves the efficiency of cutting
  • You can use this cutter to cut wide range of materials.
  • It is powerful tool for wet and dry cutting.

Few tips for marble cutting

Whether you are professional or not, you need to take care while cutting marble.

  • Give time to cut: it is the best way to get the perfect cut. Never scramble through any process of cutting. Whether you are measuring the marble or cutting the marble. You need to go slow and take your time to cut. There is no need to scramble through the process.
  • Cut marble on soft surface: whenever you cut your marble, make sure that you place it on soft surface. It has two benefits to you. First, it will help to move the marble easily. Second, it will protect the marble from scratch and damage.
  • Don’t strand your marble with anything too hard: no doubt, marble is a tough material but it needs more care. It means that stranding it anything that is too hard might get scratch the surface.
  • Take proper precautions: marble is heavy and it is dangerous to cut. If you properly take precautions while the cutting then you will decrease the chance of injury or accident. Make sure that you wear eye protection and no loose clothes. You also need proper foot protection to prevent any injury or accident.

These are the tips to help make marble cutting easier. For protective cutting, you need to use best quality marble cutting tools. Using the best tools makes cutting process easy and smooth. You can buy any marble cutting tools at east man shop. You will get everything at our online store. So, hurry! Visit us and make your purchase for marble cutting tools now!

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