Get high value on your property

For those who seek income from property, the rent is the best option. Rental yield invites the attention of the investors all through India, increasingly lure the investors found in the metro cities. While taking investment from the perspective of the investor, the premier thought is that how much he will be drawing as revenue from the rent. As a result, the decision of investing oscillates between the commercial properties and the residential assets. 

Only pre-leased commercial assets

In the first instance, a question that strikes the investor’s mind happens to be that why to opt for the pre-leased assets. It is extremely easy to answer; the aspect of zero waiting period for return on investment to commence. This is because the smart buyers or any investment firm chooses to make an investment in a commercial pre-leased property for sale in Greater Noida.

Perks of the pre-leased commercial asset

Guaranteed returns

In any pre-rented asset, you are not required to lay in wait or search for to lease out the asset. Hence, the income sets off right from the day you buy it, which suggests it entails a zero waiting period as regards ROI or return on investment.

Immovable revenue each month for the long duration

Seeing that such assets are already held by tenants during its purchase, beforehand a lease agreement is signed, lock-in period termed, and security deposit collected. Consequently, revenue on a monthly basis is guaranteed and fixed and forms an extremely safe investment. Pre-leased property to banks in Greater Noida provides better revenue over time.

Lock –in period

Within each leasing agreement, there exists a lock-in period termed. Lock-in period can be termed as the least time frame wherein the tenant is not entitled to quit the property. This period normally extends up to three years that makes a better pick to obtain better revenue by defining safe terms.

High capital gratitude

The worth relating to your asset shall go up in due course of time. It has come to view that commercial assets fetch high gratitude in comparison to other modes of investment. You do not merely gain the draw of guaranteed rents, but as well gain profits through the value appreciation pertaining to your asset.

Risk factor

Let you learn regarding the risk associated with commercial properties; this asset is beforehand held for a stipulated time span that implies your revenue is assured as a minimum for coming some years and the needed legal documents have beforehand been completed. This makes a secure investment for an extended duration.

 Loans from bank

Financial institutions and banks provide loans with ease for pre-rented assets, on the whole of the ninety per cent of the price relating to the asset. In this connection, they bring in use the “future rental discount tool” that functions to make possible a flawless process of purchasing the property.

When selecting or purchasing a pre-rented asset, the excellence of tenants together with their duration of stay is important. You are needed to see the locality and all routes leading to the property.

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