Geek guide to understand Baidu search Engine

Baidu, China’s most used search engine, is a must-have tool if you wish to penetrate the Chinese market. Baidu is the fourth most visited website in the world and is often called the “Chinese Google”. It is important to understand that Baidu offers many functions that are not available with Google. It is therefore important to get to know Baidu and its ecosystem before you go.

This article will provide important facts that will help you understand Baidu’s success.

  • Baidu’s beginning

Robin Li was working at Dow Jones & Company in 1994 when he decided that he would go for it and create what was to be known as RandEx in 1996. This was the premise for a search engine with an algorithm. After working at Infoseek for several years, he decided that he would return to China to start Baidu (Bai Du) in Beijing in January 2000. This means both “hundreds of times” and “hundred degrees”. Baidu, which specializes in Internet-related products and services, quickly rose to be one of the most important tech companies in the world.

  • 72.9% of Internet Researches on China are done through Baidu

According to CTR market research 2019, Baidu holds 72.9% of China’s search engine market share. This makes Baidu the fourth most visited website in the world. Comparatively, other search engines like Google has 4 percent of Chinese’s internet searches.

Baidu will continue to invest in its mobile ecosystem to provide a better user experience, given the steady growth of mobile users. This will give users a chance to reach a larger and more engaged audience.

  • Baidu has 57 apps and services

Baidu also offers other services along with searches, such as Baidu Wangpan (Like Google Cloud Storage Service), and iQiYi (a video platform). Baidu Baike (An encyclopedia service), Baidu Space, and Baidu Tieba are all search and community services.

  • 420,000 mini-programs under Baidu

Mini Apps Programs idea were born in 2017 from the super-app idea. Mini Programs were originally created for We-Chat to be an easier substitute to apps. These programs don’t require downloading and can be executed directly with in the We-Chat app.

These small apps are small in size (10 Mb or less), its means, they can operate within the main app.

 Their appeal lies in their ability to be used immediately and not taking up much memory space on your smartphone.

WeChat wanted to inspire users not to switch between other apps to do perform other actions, such as reading, shopping, messaging and gaming. Tencent not only runs WeChat but also finances many other Apps, whether they are owned by them or not, like ticket booking and e-commerce. Tencent is ultimately in the best interests of its users by locking them into WeChat.

  • 6.Billion Daily Queries for Baidu

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, handling an average of 6 billion queries each day. In comparison, Google handles on average 5.6 billion search queries per day. Also, Chinese users use their smartphones every day to search for product information online and look for reviews online. Chinese consumers rely heavily on digitalized word-of-mouth.

  • Baidu App downloaded 1.1 billion times

This is the global number of mobile devices that Baidu has reached as of 2019. Chinese citizens must have access to the internet 24/7. This includes apps like WeChat, Douyin, and Douyin as well as shopping apps such Tmall,, and others. China now has more than 989 million internet users, as of 2021.

Baidu boasts more than 1.6 Billion users worldwide, representing a Chinese population that is 1.44 Billion people as of June 2021.

  • Baidu’s market value is $16.41 billion

According to Baidu, Baidu’s official reports, 2020 saw Baidu’s revenue reach $16.41 billion. This is a significant increase over 2019, particularly after the Covid-19 epidemic. According to its CEO, Baidu is determined to expand its market in the future.


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