Flaws in Google’s Search Engine Every SEO Should Know About

Is Google perfect?

When learning SEO and other parts of digital marketing connected to Google, one wouldn’t be alone to believe that the world’s biggest platform is literally flawless.

Yes, when one is learning about how Google works and ranks websites on its search engine, the whole platform does seem bulletproof. Trainers at digital marketing institutes seem evangelists. Google seems like a God in a pantheon of other gods such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Seasoned SEOs, however, soon realize that the world’s biggest platform is exactly as flawless as it seems.

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Google is the best search engine in the world right now. Bing and Yahoo come nowhere close to the accuracy, speed, and credibility of Google. Take SEOs as an example. How many SEOs are actually tasked with getting top rankings on Bing or Yahoo? The mandate is always to get top placement on Google.

Digital marketing is often a numbers game. The quality and quantity of the audience using Bing and Yahoo is too obscure to warrant a lot of attention. In many cases, SEOs manage to get top ranking on Yahoo and Bing by being ranked well on Google.

 While Google is better than its competitors, it is not perfect. It has some obvious flaws. This might be a topic most SEOs don’t give much thought to. However, SEOs have a key role to play in the improvement of search engines as they understand their working better than the average professional.

In this article, we point out some obvious flaws in Google which if removed could make the platform much better.


The first and most obvious flaw Google has is its privacy problems.

Google keeps track of your search history. With Google Chrome, it also keeps track of your search history. If you use an Android Phone, it probably knows who your close friends are, where you go to work, and the kind of content and products you’re interested in.

That is scary. Search is only a small part of Google. A platform like Google Ads is as effective as it seems because Google can track users very accurately.

Too Many Algorithm Updates

For SEOs, algorithm updates are the most tedious periods of the year. They often come unannounced and end up changing the traffic numbers dramatically. While Google claims it updates for better user experience, many websites suffer great losses in business due to small changes in the algorithm.

The biggest victim in most cases are websites with YMWL pages. It is these pages that bear the true wrath of a Google update.

Lack of Transparency

This is often cited by SEOs as one of Google’s most frustrating flaws. Google is technically not answerable to SEOs regarding the way its search engines work. There have been many times Google introduces a radically new change without consultation with marketers and SEOs who know a lot about search audiences. When these changes fail, they roll them back and try something else. There is no dialogue it has with people outside the company who know how their search engine works.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the obvious flaws of Google’s search engine.

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