Finding a Quality Storage Unit

After you decide you need a self-storage unit, the next big question is how do you figure out which one to use? Plenty of options are around so the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Making the right choice can also be made harder thanks to all of those enticements some companies offer to lure you: low introductory rates can be great but you want to look at more than those early bargains, especially if you are looking for long-term storage.

With that said, here are some tips on how to find a self-storage unit that meets your needs.

Know What You Want

Even though self storage is affordable, you don’t want to rent a unit on a whim. Think about what you want before you decide. For example, how important is location going to be? How much can you afford to spend? How much space do you need? Will you need climate controlled storage? We’ll look at some of these issues below but the important thing is for you to consider them in advance and decide which factors are most important.


Although self storage facilities can be found all over the place, if location matters that’s going to narrow down your options significantly. Location might be an important factor, especially if you think you’ll want convenient access to your belongings regularly. You don’t want to drive 30 minutes just to grab a box of toys. Of course, you don’t just have to look for storage facilities near your home. Remember you might find the perfect facility near your work or your children’s school, so don’t rule out locations near places you go to regularly.

Of course, if you are only going to be getting into your stored stuff once a year or maybe less often than that, then location might not be such a crucial factor in your decision.

Price & Space

While you might consider these two factors separately, they do go hand in hand when you’re comparing self storage facilities. If you’re on a budget, you don’t want to rent more space than you need. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough space, you won’t be getting the full benefit of renting the self-storage unit.

First, decide how much space you need. Think about what you plan on storing. Also give yourself some room to get to the stuff in storage. If you want access to boxes of winter clothing, for example, you need to be able to reach those boxes and that won’t happen if you’ve filled the unit completely top to bottom. Most facilities offer several storage sizes, and you can usually take a look inside the units before you rent to get an idea of how much space is available.

Second, check the pricing for the size unit you want. Can you afford the monthly price? That’s the big question. Remember if you don’t pay those monthly fees the facility can take back your unit and sell off your belongings so do not commit to a price you can’t afford. Finally, compare prices for that unit size. You’ll find that monthly fees vary a lot from facility to facility so shop around. If you are offered a low-rate for the first few months, make sure to ask what the price will be after that time, too.

Amenities & Services

Price and location will probably help you narrow the field of options, but your final choice will be made based on the extras provided by a facility. For example, you may want climate controlled storage or extra security or 24 hour access or all three. Talk to facilities about what they offer and give extra weight to those services you find most desirable. Remember you may pay a little bit more per month for these added features, but if they matter to you then the extra cost will be worth the investment.

Now you know a few things to look for and think about when you’re searching for a storage units staten island. Keeping in mind what you want while you shop around will help you make the best decision for your storage needs.

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