Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Healing

Pop culture may have familiarised you with tattooing but not, unfortunately, with tattoo healing.

How long does a freshly-inked skin take to recover? Is the process painful? And what are the signs of infection? It is perfectly normal to have these queries.

The following write-up aims to demystify tattoo healing by describing its stages. Please check them out now.

Stages of Tattoo Healing

Swelling – Day 1 to 3

It is perfectly fine for the tattoo to appear red, tender, and swollen for the first 72 hours. There may also be some oozing of ink, plasma, and /or blood during this period. The symptoms will improve after each passing day. Your artist or dermatologist must evaluate symptoms that persist or exacerbate.

Visible Recovery – Day 4 to 14       

The best tattoo artists in Australia said the topmost layer of the skin may peel, flake, itch, or scab. The response is similar to what the human body makes when it recovers from sunburn. Avoid rubbing, scratching, or picking the scabs under all circumstances. Let them fall off on their own. You would not want an undesirable mark, right?

Invisible Recovery – Day 15 to 30

The visible signs stated above must gradually disappear by the third week. The tattoo would still remain a little cloudy or fail to acquire the final shade and lustre. Let the skin cells beneath repair themselves. 

You may help them by drinking enough water, adhering to a balanced diet, and sleeping for at least eight hours at night. At the one month mark, the tattoo has most probably taken its permanent vivacious colour. The remodeling of the skin will continue for more six months.

A freshly inked skin heals within a month or so. There are a couple of factors that may influence the time, though. For instance, wounds below the heart level do not dry out fast.

According to the well-known Gold Coast tattoo artists, designs with a substantial amount of saturated colour usually take a tad longer to heal. Saturated colour requires more needle insertions and paves the way for a larger inflammatory response after all.

Aftercare that can Speed Tattoo Healing

Implementing aftercare tips with utmost diligence is essential. As a tattoo creates an opening in the body through which harmful germs may enter, wearing a breathable bandage seems viable, but only for 24 hours.

Wash the tattooed skin thrice a day with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Apply a substantial amount of Aquaphor or any gentle, unscented moisturiser available in the market.

Avoid sunlight or venture out only after slathering enough sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays can discolour tattoos. Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, spa baths, or any activity that requires you to submerge your skin in water are off-limits.

Bottom Line

Tattoo healing is quite a straightforward process. Swelling, oozing, and pain usually resolve by the third day, and they are followed by peeling and itching for another week or so.

You must expect a tattoo to look duller and darker than expected for an initial couple of months. Adhere to a better course of care and get the dream outcome.

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