Easy ways to fade black spots

Getting as pimple can be a bit of uncomfortable for people. Whenever it happens one wants to heal as quickly as possible. But there are some acne blemished which can leave a dark mark on the skin even after the pimple is gone.

Getting these black spots removed from skin is the thing one has to concentrate on then. One can use black mark remove cream on the affected area to get better results. But before using them, one must know why this happens at all. Pimples when appear on skin can form an inflammation as well. When the skin starts healing and the new skin cells start forming then it can also contain too much of melanin. The excess melanin can cause some darkest patch on the skin and this is also known as the hyper pigmentation.

There are actually some differences when it comes to treating dark spots and scars. The scars require tissues that are damaged or overgrown and they are always difficult to remove. They can take a while to fade over time and till then remain visible. But the dark spots that happen because of acne are flat against the surface of the skin. They never indicate a long term damage to the pores, skin cells or follicles. But dark spots also take time to lighten.

Here are some home remedies that one can think of if they are suffering from any kind of post inflammation hyper pigmentation which can lead to dark spots:

Vitamin C

Lemon juice has a good amount of Vitamin C content and it can brighten the skin by making the skin tone even. Vitamin C is known to depigment the area and decrease the melanin formation on the skin. Hence one can apply lemon juice directly to the affected area. They can do it twice a day to get the best results.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is used as a major ingredient to treat a lot of skin discrepancies. This is an active ingredient in many skin ointments and lotions because it soothes and heals the skin. This is a great healing agent. One can cut some fresh aloe vera leaves and extract the juice from it. Then they can apply the fresh juice directly on the black spots. They can apply it before going to bed and keep in overnight before washing it off in the morning. This can stabilize the melanin levels on that area leading to fade the dark spots.

Grape seed extract

It is another natural product which can help in lightening the dark spots. This extract can be applied directly on the spots or one can take them orally to keep the melanin formation on the skin under control. It can also treat the skin condition called melasma which is also as same as the hyper pigmentation.

Apart from these one has to protect the black mark on the face by protecting them from the sun as well. This is because sun rays can make it even worse and deep.

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