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Customer Care – 5 Clever Ways To Add A Personal Touch To The Online Shopping Experience

Want to add a personal touch to the buying experience your customers enjoy when they visit your eCommerce store? The ability to personalize the way in which your buyers are greeted, how they check out, and how they are approached with new marketing campaigns can have a dramatic impact on your success. You don’t want to come across overly familiar but you do want them to resonate with a sense of personality from your brand.

Here are 5 clever ways to add a personal touch to the online shopping experience:

1. Celebrate Special Dates

Arm yourself with key details about your customers via your sign up forms. The more important dates you know, the easier it is to personalize your service, so don’t be afraid to ask for anniversaries and birthdays of members of the family. You can even offer the option to disclose religious beliefs. Set up an automated campaign to contact your buyers shortly before these important dates. These campaigns might include free gifts, like promotional products, or discounts on items they might want to purchase for the upcoming special occasion.

2. Work On Your Copy

Copy and content don’t only sell your product, they sell your brand. Too familiar, and you risk alienating your buyer. Too indirect, and you lack what it takes to connect with your reader. The best way to identify the precise tone that will resonate with your buyers is to analyze them. Another trick you can try is to stop thinking of your buyers in the plural. Think of one buyer. Once you understand how your ideal buyer thinks, what they resonate with, and what they want from life, you can tailor your tone to appeal to them. This will help you personalize your entire service, from welcoming visitors to the site through to closing sales and getting repeat business.

3. Work On Your Brand’s Authenticity

Authenticity refers to how well your brand aligns its actions with its promises. Do you promise to be reliable? Do you mention how much you value customer satisfaction in your email marketing campaigns? Make sure you live up to every single claim you make. When your buyers see you as an authentic brand, it’s easier to resonate with you. That makes the shopping process a personalized experience, meaning people will feel a greater sense of trust and be more open to your claims, suggested buys, and offers. Using these subtle but powerful strategies in your branding will change the way people approach your business.

4. Send Personal Invites To Special Offers

Add a fresh spin to the old trick of personalizing your shoppers’ experience when they visit your store. To do this, set up some personal behavioral trigger emails. These campaigns are incredibly effective because they respond not just to your customers’ actions but also to their lack of action. Indeed, personal behavioral trigger emails work so well that they boast a 152% better open rate than traditional email campaigns.

5. Make sure your brand has its own personality

The personality you create for your brand ultimately dictates how well you can personalize the shopping experience, your advertising campaigns, and any communication between your business and your customers. Work on the foundations, and anything you build in your business after that will be strong and offer you long-lasting rewards.

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