bridge between Cardano and Nervous

The public blockchain in China Nervous and blockchain developers IOHK are collaborating to build a cross-chain “bridge” that will link both Cardano and Nervous networks Cardano bridge. This is the first time Cardano has built a link between two ecosystems valued billions of dollars, and it marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency. As a result, Nervous and Cardano are moving closer to their shared objective of achieving the blockchain industry. in which consumers enjoy a seamless experience while using blockchain, regardless of what chain they are using.

When using a method known as token wrapping, users will be able to trade using the native currencies of both Nervous and Cardano, as well as generate their own tokens that can be used across both blockchains, according to the developers.

This will be accomplished using Cardano’s “native token” technology and Nervos’ UDT technology, which will eliminate the complexity, expense, and inefficiency associated with maintaining specialized self-executing logic to deploy tokens in a blockchain-based system. Along with these benefits, the elimination of the requirement for bespoke code also eliminates the risk of human mistakes, which will have the potential to result in massive losses, enabling projects to make use of the blockchain’s economic level of security and speed without incurring exorbitant expenses.


This is the latest initiative to come out of ongoing cooperation between Nervous and IOHK, which began in 2009. In a similar way to whether the Internet was created via the connectivity of extranets, we think that blockchain will gain widespread acceptance through the interconnection of distributed ledger channels, The end-user is no longer tied to a certain network or standards, and they may easily access value and usefulness, independent of whatever underpinning chain network they are utilizing. instead, they will become the standard, allowing the base blockchains to fade away and serve just as a TCP protocol.

Mousebelt, the full-service cryptocurrencies accelerator, might well contribute to the construction of the overpass with financial support provided by Nervous in the form of a grant. “We have been going to grow our research and innovation partnership, but now we have the measurable bridge which will highlight the strength of a Bridge and propel mankind further out on the highway to a workable interoperable network.” That Cardano team will offer its knowledge and resources to ensure that Cardano is connected to the bridge as soon as possible. The construction of the bridge has begun, and it is scheduled to be finished by summer.

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