Best Sony LED TV of 2019

A brand that has constantly developed and brought to us some amazing television viewing experience is Sony. It has been around from quite some time and is among the first one’s to produce 3D TV, OLED and LED TV, price of Sony has also been always premium along with its features. .

There are brands like Samsung and LG who have always been head to head with Sony and have defined some televisions with very competitive feature. This article however is an overview of the latest Sony has to offer in television technology. We will look at one of the newest from Sony TV, price and overall features are something we will be focusing on today.

Sony XBR55A8F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV

Yes, the 55 inch Sony A8F is  the best overall television. It has some compelling features including excellent sound and picture quality. The model is of 2018 but is up to date with the newer models of other brands in 2019. Want to know what makes it so good? Here is a list of its features:

  • 55” display with 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution.
  • Latest LED technology called OLED. Provides the best and most effective automatic LED technology, giving the brightest and more defined colours.
  • Close to 8 million pixels controlled by X1 Extreme illuminating and providing a better contrast.
  • Acoustic surface brings in some really impressive sound technology. Allows every level of sounds to be heard clearly.
  • Gaming in full HDR Mode especially with Sony playstation.
  • TV pairs with Alexa and works on your command. Great option to go remote less and enjoy watching TV hassle free.
  • On remote google assist button to help you with all your internet surfing and TB control.
  • Bezzless narrow frame.
  • Cabless free front.
  • Thin panel facilitates easy wall mounting and sleek looks.

The television is nothing but great except it can cost a bomb. As it is Sony TV’s are generally costly when compared to other brands. And so is this one, it is amongst the most expensive TV’s out there currently. So, you have to be extra careful and make sure your pocket is open to such expense. If you are on a money crunch, this won’t be the best option for you.

Now, it is always necessary to look at all the features a TV offers, check it’s display and sound quality before you buy one. Although Sony is known for its exceptional sound quality, its display is not widely known. So, people like you and me can get confused when buying a TV. Should you go for a Sony TV which is not so widely known for its display or a brand like Samsung or LG that has excellent reviews on display?/These questions can always pop up. So, take your time, look at all the features and compare rationally to deduce which brand you would want to go for.

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