Benefits of wearing Hessonite and Ruby

Gemstones are said to be worn by one only after consulting an experienced astrologer. This is very much necessary because not all gemstones are good for everyone. It completely depends on one’s birth chart and the place of planets in their life and influences. According to that the astrologer suggests some gemstones to an individual which they can wear in order to prevent future obstacles.

When advised to wear a particular gemstone one must keep in mind that they must buy certified gemstones online or from stores to get the best results.

  • If one is advised to wear hessonite stone or gomed stone here are some benefits that one can get from it. This stone is energized by the Rahu planet and so they are very powerful. It is thus very beneficial for the ones who are who are suffering from Kalsharpa dosha or the curse of snakes. This stone helps them to get relief from the bad effects of the dosha and its symptoms. This stone also reduces the state of confusion in one and provides one with a lot of mental clarity. If someone is suffering from lack of confidence and disillusionment then this stone can be very beneficial for them. It is said that the wearer also gets some relief from complicated and strange diseases. This stone can help one to cure skin issues, pimples, psoriasis and other mental issues. People who are into professions like public relations, politics and event managements they can see a lot of success by wearing this stone. It can bless one with power, influence, success and wealth. If one is suffering from any kind of addiction or ill health because of drug or alcohol intake, then wearing this stone can help them to come out of it. It also saves the wearer from any kind of hexing issues, black magic and other negative energies. It can also cure problems like bad metabolism and gastric disorders.
  • Ruby or manikya stone has a lot of mystical powers and according to Hindu astrology, it is ruled by the planet of Sun. As the Sun is a vital energy giver this stone is very precious for the wearer and it also has a crimson hue in it. If one wears this stone then it can help them to overcome any sort of timidity. It gives a lot of boost in self confidence and so if one is working in some kind of administration or authority then this can be very beneficial for them. It can revitalize one’s energy and can take it to the positive direction. One can increase their concentration power by wearing this stone and they can set a goal about their future if they want to achieve something. They also give relief to women who suffer from pain during their menstrual cycle.

For gemstone purchase one can check online authentic gemstone sites. Or else they can check Khanna gems where certified precious stones are sold and they are very much dependable.

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