Baidu is becoming a cloud center in China

The market for AI cloud administrations in China was valued at $166 million USD in 2019, with Baidu Cloud holding the largest share, according to the IDC report named “China’s Artificial Intelligence Cloud Administrations Market Research Report (2019)”. IDC says AI capabilities have become a key consideration for clients when choosing cloud administrations sellers, setting up the market for enormous development. The research firm predicts that China’s AI cloud administrations market will see a compound annual development rate of 93.6% somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2024.

According to the report, in addition to leading in market share and invocations, Baidu Cloud offers the most overall AI items and AI capabilities. Baidu also has the most capabilities in natural language processing (NLP) and solid situations in intelligent voice, facial and body acknowledgment, conversational AI, and machine learning. Baidu Cloud is also the main seller to have already commercialized NLP at scale as part of its cloud administrations, with most different merchants not charging expenses for NLP capabilities until this year. In total, Baidu Cloud has opened up in excess of 250 AI capabilities that administration 1.9 million designers, who cumulatively utilize these capabilities 1 trillion times each day on average.

“As an AI platform company that is centered around empowering different organizations, Baidu trusts that each enterprise, regardless of how small, is able to utilize capabilities and administrations gave by our platforms, much the same as they were water and power, to rapidly and easily realize intelligent transformation,” said Robin Li, the prime supporter, chairman, and CEO of Baidu, during a discourse at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Meeting (WAIC) on July 9.

“Baidu Cloud depends on AI capabilities and platforms for AI advancement – our two large center advantages – and has gotten one of the main drivers of industrial AI and a leading cloud specialist co-op.”

Baidu sees AI cloud administrations as a key pillar of new infrastructure that will accelerate the intelligent transformation of various industries. In May, Baidu released the “AI Center Office” and “Information Center Office”, two cloud-based platforms that decrease the edge for companies to apply AI innovation. The two platforms have already been utilized for AI applications in vitality, finance, and different industries. Because of the pandemic, an ever increasing number of companies across industries are determined to adopt AI innovation to increase productivity and intensity, which is contributing to the fast-development in AI cloud administrations.

Over the past week, Baidu Cloud tied down three strategic agreements to apply AI in various industries. Baidu Cloud and Shanghai Pudong Improvement Bank (SPDB) reached an agreement to extend collaboration on applying AI in the finance industry, while Baidu Cloud and China National Building Material Gathering agreed to collaborate on smart logistics, the digital transformation of mining, smart factories, and AI-fueled data centers, among others. Baidu Cloud and the Individuals’ Administration of Shanghai Pudong New Area also marked a strategic cooperation framework agreement to establish the nation’s first Baidu PaddlePaddle AI industry strengthening center and collaborate on intelligent urban management. As part of its investments in building new infrastructure, Baidu also as of late announced plans to convey 5 million intelligent cloud workers by 2030 and train 5 million AI specialists in the following 5 years.

Haifeng Wang, Baidu’s central innovation official, said that new infrastructure will be the kinetic vitality for China’s monetary improvement in the following barely any decades. Emerging innovations like AI, cloud computing, 5G, the Internet of Things, and blockchain will offer key help for all industries.

Going forward, Baidu will accelerate the rollout of new infrastructure, drawing on its years of AI innovation achievements and experience to accelerate the application of AI and realize a genuinely intelligent economy.


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