Anime Feel, aka Japanese Invasion

Anime sensation has existed for many years. But only in recent years has it become so common in American society. Over the course of decades, anime, also known as Japanese animation, has become more popular for decades. The first thing that most people remember usually comes from a short list of two. Either remember Star Blazers (also known as Space Cruiser Yamamoto) or recall Akira, an anime film that was innovative in many ways. There are also some that have been introduced in Anime Princess Mononoke. Princess Mononoke was very similar to Star Blazers in the sense that it was a great rewrite of the stories of original stories based in Japan. During those releases, it was believed that a direct transformation of the stories would not have attracted the attention of the American audience. Although this is controversial or not a true assumption, the fact remains that Princess Mononoke, Star Blazers and Akira were lucrative franchises in the anime field.

Now, in the 21st century, there are many Anime options that have reached the American coasts.

After we invaded Japan with weapons of personal destruction, now the Japanese have invaded our coasts with entertaining anime. There are so many names and types that are not amenable to simple listing. There are types that first invaded, which are very similar to Princess Mononoke. There is an anime with classification X, some of which are as bad as the Legend of the Supreme Lord, that any child who sees them can be marked by life. While adults may find “love of a tentacle”, and over fiend is interesting and even fascinating, it is definitely not for children.

Anime like Totoro will show its total entertainment, looking for another kind of American entertainment in the form of creative animation that goes far beyond the animation created by non-Japanese. This does not mean that there is nothing creative in American studies, that is, the Japanese are doing it longer, and, according to the authors, so much the better.

In summary

So the next time you look for something new to watch, watch anime. It doesn’t hurt. And if you can’t decide which one, we have two sentences. Legend of the Over fiend is a very adult thing, or Akira, but it is only for adults, except that Akira is all violence, and Legend, well, its sex and violence. Some may say that Legend is disgusting, but they think it is up to you to decide.

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