A Helpful Guide To Printing In Hong Kong

Anyone who is involved in the paper printing business will know that there are certain types of paper that are required for certain types of purposes. There are a variety of papers that are available at plenty in the market and therefore, it can get a bit confusing to determine which paper you need for printing purposes and which paper you need for other purposes. Hence, here is a guide to printing in hong kong and all its features.

It is not only about the color or the quality or type of paper that you should select. You should take the length, size, weight, and coating of the paper into consideration. Just as there are various types of printers, there are also various types of papers such as a car wrap is used for wrapping a car. Similarly, there are various types of printing papers and here is everything you need to know about it.

Types of printing paper

  • The first type of printing paper is matte. This is perhaps the most common printing paper type because it comes in handy for all printing purposes. It is perfected with a coating in white color as this helps dry the ink quickly so it can come in very handy for documents that need to be printed in a hurry.
  • Another commonly used paper type for printing in hong kong is glossy paper. This is commonly used when you are printing photographs and images. The glossy paper is useful for generating printed results that are smooth and sharp with details. Glossy papers tend to soak up the ink brilliantly due to which it can produce clear and high quality images.
  • If you are building a resume, you certainly would not use glossy paper no matter how clear and how smooth results they may produce. Resume paper is of an ivory cream color and it is highly used in printing resume and cover letters because this color and quality of the paper highlights the important information with clarity.
  • The last type of printer paper is divided into two types – inkjet printer paper and laser printer paper. As the name suggests, inkjet paper is used for printing in the inkjet printer while laser printer paper is used when you are printing using the laser printer.

As mentioned above, the size of a printing paper matters a lot as well. Printing papers come with different shapes and sizes such as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9,and A10. Out of these, A4 is the most widely used. If you need more details of printing paper.

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